18 January 2017


Hello, hello, hello!  Sorry for being MIA for over a month.  We'd been away for the Christmas holidays, then we had my parents and my mother-in-law visiting.  I have two birthdays to prepare for.  Endless errands.  You know, life.

I did manage to take my little miss last Saturday to catch one the last few screenings of "Sing."  Afterward, we decided to run a couple of errands.  We had to brave through a throng of people  in Causeway Bay.  There always is a lot of people in that area, but I guess it being a Saturday, with Chinese New Year just around the corner, there is a much bigger crowd than normal.  Oh my word.  

Singwa - Wed, 18 Jan 2017

13 December 2016

Christmas rolls around and it's a sweet time to give a little gift as a 'thank you' to the teachers.  As with the previous year, Z made these potholders to give out to hers.  She was very into it --picking out the colors and diligently weaving them every chance she got.  I think it's more meaningful that she creates / makes the presents herself (or buys something with money that she herself had saved up), rather than me buying the presents on her behalf and she just hands them over to her teachers.

My mom is placing orders for more and Z had also promised to make me more for our own use.  

06 December 2016

It's now December and I can still go out wearing sleeveless tops.  The temps are still in the low 20's. Somehow it doesn't feel like winter yet.  At the rate this is going, there's a big possibility that we might go through this winter without me having to pull out our winter stuff!  I haven't decided yet whether I'm thrilled about this.

Are you in seeing / feeling winter yet?

Singwa - Wed, 07 Dec 2016

30 November 2016

Broken Wings

Butterflies are such beautiful creatures... fragile and delicate, so colorful, with such pretty patterns.  It's a bit of a challenge trying to capture them on camera when they're flying about.

I'd almost stepped on this one here.  It was on the yellow strip of a stair, almost camouflaged.  Poor thing, upon closer look, it seems that it couldn't fly, because its wings were broken.  It landed on a busy part of the trail; I hope someone was able to somehow move it to a safer spot. 

22 November 2016


The very busy (for me!) month of November is almost over: parent-teacher consultations, three different overnight camps, hikes, Team Fear and everything relating to it, school fairs, etc.    

December is rather packed, too --another school fair (Z's this time), a panto, a parent-teacher consultation, mother-in-law arriving... and then we all take off for a 3-week holiday!  So looking forward to it.

 Singwa - Wed, 23 Nov 2016

15 November 2016

Little Fishies

Z has always loved art.  She started with random doodles and scribbles, stick figures.  When she was in Year 1, she was lucky enough to have a Year 6 buddy who really encouraged her and got her very interested in drawing.  Her drawings improved quite a bit that year.  She started drawing more.  We checked out YouTube tutorials and she slowly built up a portfolio (sounds fancy!) of the different stuff she drew and painted.

This is her latest... and I LOVE it!  I've always been partial to watercolors and I just find the vibrant orange/reds against the cool blue/greens in this one so pretty.  The swish of the tails --so graceful. Definitely a framer, this one. 

Singwa - Wed, 16 Nov 2016

07 November 2016

Creature of Habit

Sunday brunch is almost always the same fare (unless we go somewhere else)... for me, at least.  After church, we always head out to the same restaurant and I always have exactly the same thing --barramundi and fennel on a bed of organic brown rice.  It's not that there isn't anything else on the menu that I like; it's just that there isn't anything on there that I like as much as this.  

J is the same way.  He always has his beef burger with fried egg.  My husband and Z are slightly more adventurous and might occasionally try the different stuff on the menu. Me and J?  We are creatures of habit.

Singwa - Wed, 09 Nov 2016

31 October 2016

White, Black, and Gray

One of my favorite 'rooms' in the house after our renovation is our bathroom.  I really like the guest bathroom, too, but this one?  I love.  We had a tub in our old bathroom, which we had removed and in its place, installed a shower space instead.  The old walls had marble tiles in a cream/yellowish hue and the old floor was black marble with tiny gold flecks. The countertop had tempered glass in a muted green. I didn't mind the glass so much, but the rest was so not us.

I knew from the get-go that I wanted white (or at least whitish) tiles and a white quartz countertop. Also on the list were wall niches for shampoo and soap and miscellaneous stuff.  But all white would be too sterile.  I needed an accent feature.  An accent wall would be too much and would potentially make our bathroom feel smaller.  Pinterest then gave me the idea of doing up the shower floor and the niches and let them be the accent pieces. I'd scoured all over for Mediterranean or Moroccan tiles in gray tones, but didn't find any that I particularly like. Luckily, our contractor was able to source some tiles and I ended up picking this one --which turned out better than what I'd originally envisioned.

When we'd first moved back in, the kids suddenly didn't need to be asked to go shower. J proclaimed that it felt like a hotel. We had to give (and still do!) Z reminders not to linger too long in there.  I look forward to my showers every day and I totally understand why Z stays in there for as long as she does. I know that a shower is a shower is a shower, but somehow showering in this bathroom now feels so much more... more.

Singwa - Wed, 02 Nov 2016

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