20 August 2014

Summer’s Over

Or, at least, summer as the kids know it.  Tomorrow, they go back to school.  We’ve had a wonderful, fun-filled summer.  We went camping, fishing, blueberry-picking, hiking, did some workshops, splashed around in rock pools and waterfalls, saw water buffalos, checked out a trampoline park, goofed around at the 3D Museum, had play dates with various friends… The kids also got to watch their first Bollywood film (3 Idiots) and loved it.

We spent today getting their stuff ready for school.  Josh got his hair cut.  We did some last-minute shopping for stationery.  Zoë busied herself with labeling all her stuff with her special Sofia I name stickers.  We packed and made sure that all the books borrowed from the school’s Learning Centre are accounted for.  The kids are ready!  As ready as any Year 5 and Year 3 kid can be.


13 August 2014


I am a spice girl.  Not scary, a bit sporty, likes ginger.  (Okay, I’ll admit… that was a bit lame.)  Seriously, though, I love herbs and spices.  I use a lot of coriander and cumin when I cook and whenever I can get my hands on some, I love me some basil, too.  Just the thought of the Thai dish pad gao-prao muu (minced pork with basil and chili) makes my mouth water.

Whenever I find myself at the Flower Market, I always make sure that I get a pot or two of basil. This way, I can just snip away whenever I need some basil leaves.   Most often, though, I gather the leaves and make pesto and freeze them for later use.  I just love, love, love the smell of basil!

Do you have a favorite herb or spice?


11 August 2014

More than half of my life had been spent in a country not where I’m living right now.  My parents still live there.  Certain aspects of life there I’d still associate with home –the food, the music, the humor of its people.  For all intents and purposes, though, Hong Kong is home now. 

Hong Kong is where I’d started and built my career, where I met my husband, where we bought our first home, where we started a family.  This is where “coming home” is resoundingly meaningful each time our plane touches down when we’re coming back from somewhere else. 

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This busy, bustling place is home.  For now.

Please visit so i blog and be wowed by the simple creativity and beauty in her images.  I am always in awe at the beauty and truth she is able to capture.  When you are done, follow on to the next person in our circle.  We’d love for you to share your photo stories, too; please share them with us over at our Facebook page!

06 August 2014


To get the kids out of the house and away from tablets and electronic games, we took them to play a round of mini-golf.   Zoë was delighted to find that the clubs and the balls come in a variety of colors.  Of course, she chose a pink club and a pink ball.  Duh.


29 July 2014


There are so many classes, camps, workshops that come up during the summer.   Both kids were at a half-day camp for a week when we were in Canada.  Beyond two one-day camps that I have signed up for both Josh and Zoe, I haven’t signed them up for anything else.  I rather like the idea that we can just take off to check out a museum, visit with a friend, go for a swim, hang out at the library, etc. anytime we feel like it.  I like that we are not bound by a set schedule.


25 July 2014


…in the summer heat. With A/C blasting almost 24/7.  Missing Canada and time spent with family there.  But, for today at least, Josh has a few Harry Potter DVDs to go through and I am going to finish the whole Season 5 of Downton Abbey…  Zoë will be busy looming, as she has a few orders on her list. (She has been making animal charms and everybody’s been asking for one!)

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23 July 2014


Finally.  Feels good to be home.  I relish the familiar texture of our sheets, the gentle firmness of my pillow. I’ve missed our sofa and the way the cushions softly hug me as I sink down to read a book.  We miss the family, though.  The kids definitely wish that we could stay the entire summer and play more with their cousins.  We are slowly getting used to the hot and humid weather again.  Slowly slipping back into old routines, checking out our old haunts.  Hoping each night that we sleep through and not be wide-eyed at 3am. 

We still have about a month to go before school starts.  A couple of camps to attend.  A few play dates planned and more to be arranged.  Maybe a visit or two to the beach.  Plenty to do.  Plenty to look forward to. 
How is your summer coming along?


16 July 2014

Berry Summer

We went blueberry picking last week.  The very first day when the farm opened up for U-pick.  The blueberries were plump and big.   So many of them.  Instead of just looking for ripe berries, the kids were on the hunt for the biggest, plumpest blueberry.  They would yell out when they think they have found one.  The others would come running over and compare it with the giant ones that they have found.  So cute. 


Each one of them had along either a bucket or a basket and we got over 10 pounds of blueberries –just between the kids and my husband, not counting yet what the cousins and my in-laws got!  That’s a whole lot of blueberries, you’d think, but we’re down to just the bag of blueberries that my MIL has frozen.  All the fresh ones have been consumed!


Of course, we just had to treat ourselves after all the hard work of picking berries!  They have these really yummy berry waffles at the farm and we just had to have some.



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