27 July 2016


We've had a fun one-month summer with the cousins, but looking forward to getting back home in a couple of days.  Looking forward to preparing for school in the next couple of weeks. Uniforms to order, stationery to buy, labels to prepare...

One more Timbits run before we head back to Hong Kong...

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19 July 2016


It's been a wonderful summer so far.  We've gone on hikes. We met up with friends; went berry-picking. Had our fill of yummy cherries.  We play. We eat. A lot.  Too much. How can one say no to these, though?

Ahi tuna with almond rice

Berry custard pie

Bacon feta pizza on flatbread

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What's been tickling your palate lately?

13 July 2016

The Grind and the Crunch

The boys did the Grouse Grind last week in 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Not to be outdone, my sister-in-law and I did the Coquitlam Crunch a couple of days ago.  Granted, it was not as steep, but it was still a great workout. Of course, we treated ourselves to bubble tea afterwards!  

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06 July 2016

Breakfast Emojis

I was making "egg-in-the-hole" bread for breakfast and had all these round pieces of bread lying around.  Z decided that she would make emojis and this is what we got... So cute, right? 

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29 June 2016

Summer's Here!

An 11+-hour flight and we're finally here! 
The cousins are playing Risk in the other room.
We're sitting around the table 
munching on this and that,
catching up.

Bees buzzing about in the garden.
Tim Horton's down the block.

Life is good.

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22 June 2016

Finding Seuss

Just a couple more days to go before the school year ends. SO looking forward to that.  Still so many last-minute things to complete, though, before then.  My to-do list is long, but I've gotten a number of ticks in and that feels good.  The thing that felt really great, though, was finally finding the Dr. Seuss books that I'd kept hidden away. 

I have a couple of copies of Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Places You'll Go! --one each for J and for Z.  Every year, toward the end of the school year, I bring out these books and get their teachers to write a little message for them on the books. I have been doing this since they were in kindergarten.  The plan is to give them the book when they graduate from high school.  A little something with which to send them forth into the big, big world.

About a month ago, I started panicking because I couldn't find them. I was worried that they had gotten lost somehow during our move. I'd searched high and low, looked everywhere.  I was 99% sure that I had brought it back with us, but didn't remember where I had stashed them. I was almost resigned to the fact that I might have to just ask the teachers to write on a note paper and that I'd stick those notes in the books when (or if) I find them.

This morning, for some odd reason, I woke up really early and all I could think of were those books. I don't know why, but something made me check one of the drawers where I keep stationery. I never would have put the books there (and most certainly do not remember doing so!), but yet there they were!  What a wonderful way to start the day!

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15 June 2016

Random Stuff

J & Z had a Celebration of Learning day at school last week, where we got to spend one hour with each of them as they walked us through different 'stations' that allowed them to demonstrate to us what they've learned throughout the year.  It was so heartwarming to see the pride they took in their work. Days like those make us appreciate all the more everything that the teachers (and the support staff) do for the children.

... ... ...

On our way to check out a new (to us, anyway) mani-pedi place, my friend and I decided to grab a quick bite. We wanted somewhere quick and fast, because our appointment was in 40 minutes. We chanced upon this Vietnamese place that seemed to be what we were looking for.  Quick and fast it was. The food was not impressive; I did like the rustic feel of their decor, though.

08 June 2016


One of the things that make me look forward to summer, apart from holidaying with the family, is the watermelon season.  It somehow makes the summer heat more bearable.  Picture this:  The crunch as your teeth sink into its fleshy red "meat," its juice oozing out and maybe dribbling down the sides of your lips a little, the assault of sweet freshness as your brain registers what you just put in your mouth.  Hmmm.... *savoring* 

The watermelon, is one fruit that I can eat only in its original form. That is, anything watermelon-flavored does not interest me at all; I find those usually too sweet and too artificial-tasting .  Watermelon juice? Meh, waste of the fruit. I don't eat it off the rind, though. I cut up the watermelon into chunks, remove the rind, chill.  I can then scoop out chunks any time I need a pick-me-up on a hot, humid day (or anytime, really!).

What is your favorite fruit?

(If you think this photo looks familiar, it is because it's the same photo I'd taken five years ago!)

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