30 January 2015

A Beautiful Mess

Let’s grant ourselves the permission
to be a beautiful mess every now and then.

Know that it’s absolutely okay
to be perfectly imperfect.


28 January 2015

The Sky Is Everywhere

Once in a while, I love to check out Young Adult books.  After this one that I just finished, I think I might do that more often.  I don’t remember from where, how or when I first heard about The Sky Is Everywhere (by Jandy Nelson). I don’t even remember reserving it at the library, but apparently I did, because I’d received a collection notice for the book.  As soon as I started it, I was hooked.  I brought it along with me wherever I went and would pull it out to read whenever I had the chance –while waiting in the car to pick up the kids, while on the train, while on the bus.  I didn’t care that others would see me chuckle to myself or wipe tears from my face.  I love the quirky little poems and also how they’re scattered and “found” throughout the book.  I love the cool dorkiness.  If you want a great read, definitely check out The Sky Is Everywhere .



27 January 2015

Standing Still

Sometimes life seems to just flash by.
Everything is just boom-boom-boom, let’s-go, next!
Most days, that’s me.
That’s part of the reason why I love Hong Kong,
where everything moves at a frenetic pace, it seems.
I like that. I like efficiency.
Sometimes we just need to stand still…
and feel.


23 January 2015

Impromptu Hike

I got out of the train, saw a couple looking at their phone and their tablet, obviously tourists.  I walked up to them asking if I could help.  It turned out that they were looking for the War Veterans Cemetery.  Right before I got off the train, I was thinking to myself that I should walk around and take some pictures, seeing that I already had the camera out with me.  I offered to lead them to the cemetery myself and once there I decided to walk the hiking trail all the way home –in my high-heeled boots, up and down the trail, let me add. If I’d taken the minibus, I could’ve been home in less than 10 minutes.  Instead, it took me 1.5 hours.  Painful though my feet are now, I’m glad I did what I did.  Because…. look what I found!


21 January 2015


When someone lets me cut in on their lane, I make it a point to raise my hand to acknowledge their kind gesture.  I appreciate it, too, when they do same when I let them in.  A favor deserves a thank you –in whatever form one can manage.  It really does make my day when I see bus drivers raise (or wave) their hands when another lets them in.  There’s nothing like a little road courtesy and kindness to keep the good vibes going.


19 January 2015

He Is 10!

A very special boy turned 10 today.
A boy from whom I’ve learned much --
about being a parent, about myself,
my capacity for loving,
about kindness,
about being big-hearted.
I've also learned about Minecraft,
Match Attax cards,
techno music,
and some pretty cool songs.


He makes me so proud,
yet at the same time, humbles me.

Josh collage

Happy birthday, Josh.

16 January 2015


I wish that just by looking at this picture, I can feel the warmth of the fire.  It’s been pretty cold here the last few days.  I know it’s nowhere near as cold as where most of you are, where it’s snowing and all, but 11oC is pretty cold for here. 


14 January 2015

I used to shy away from shooting in the too-bright sun, but now I actually love what it gives me.  Especially when there are objects to partially block it, giving me some great shadows to offset the brightness.


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