24 August 2016


It's been years and years since I last had some churros.  In Valencia (Spain), with the richest cup of cocoa I've ever tasted.  I hadn't had any since.  We saw some in San Francisco this summer and I'd meant to get some, but didn't have time to go back to the vendor during the rest of our stay there.  So imagine my excitement to find out that I can get churros right here in Hong Kong! 

We'd had a full lunch, but decided to still get some churros anyway and I'm so glad we did.  They were just the perfect way to cap our meal.  The churros came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with toasted coconut flakes and a small bowl of caramel sauce for dipping.  Yum!

I think I might have found a recipe online that I can try to make our own.  Can't wait to attempt to make them soon. I am sure the kids will love these!

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17 August 2016

For the Love of Books

During our recent road trip to San Francisco, we stopped by Portland.  Of course, we had to visit Powell's.  In fact, we visited twice --once on the way to SF and again, on the way back!  I love books and I love bookstores, but I particularly love Powell's.  It's like a library plus --all the books you want, but all the other fun stuff, too, like book bags, socks, stationery, etc. What I really love is that on many titles, you can actually choose to get either new copies or used ones.  Their used copies are practically new, in very good condition, at a fraction of  the price of a new book. What's more, no sales tax, yay!

Needless to say, we got way too many books (but I am not complaining)! Below are just some of the books (mostly Josh's) that we lugged back with us.  I find it hard to say no when the kids want books. But when they read as much as my kids do, I really want to invest in a Kindle. Just finding it hard to make the leap from reading a book book to reading from a tablet.  Call me weird, but I love the feel of a book in my hands and I love the smell of a new book. I love seeing books lined up neatly on the shelves or even haphazardly stacked in odd corners.

Yes, I "protect" most of our books with clear contact paper
(the ones that I know will get re-read).
Curled up corners bug me big time!

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10 August 2016

Catching Up

First of all, apologies for not posting last Wednesday.  Yes, I was still suffering from jet lag, but the truth is I was so caught up in watching episodes of Suits that I'd totally forgotten!  I'm not for watching TV much and there are only a handful of shows that I really love --The West Wing, Newsroom, House, and now, Suits). 

Which TV shows do you enjoy watching?

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27 July 2016


We've had a fun one-month summer with the cousins, but looking forward to getting back home in a couple of days.  Looking forward to preparing for school in the next couple of weeks. Uniforms to order, stationery to buy, labels to prepare...

One more Timbits run before we head back to Hong Kong...

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19 July 2016


It's been a wonderful summer so far.  We've gone on hikes. We met up with friends; went berry-picking. Had our fill of yummy cherries.  We play. We eat. A lot.  Too much. How can one say no to these, though?

Ahi tuna with almond rice

Berry custard pie

Bacon feta pizza on flatbread

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What's been tickling your palate lately?

13 July 2016

The Grind and the Crunch

The boys did the Grouse Grind last week in 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Not to be outdone, my sister-in-law and I did the Coquitlam Crunch a couple of days ago.  Granted, it was not as steep, but it was still a great workout. Of course, we treated ourselves to bubble tea afterwards!  

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06 July 2016

Breakfast Emojis

I was making "egg-in-the-hole" bread for breakfast and had all these round pieces of bread lying around.  Z decided that she would make emojis and this is what we got... So cute, right? 

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29 June 2016

Summer's Here!

An 11+-hour flight and we're finally here! 
The cousins are playing Risk in the other room.
We're sitting around the table 
munching on this and that,
catching up.

Bees buzzing about in the garden.
Tim Horton's down the block.

Life is good.

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