17 October 2017

w e d n e s d a y

Vancouver is the square root of negative one.  Technically, it should not exist, but it does.

~ Douglas Coupland

Singwa - Wed, 17 Oct 2017

Downtown Vancouver at night

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09 October 2017

I have a few new books lying here waiting to be picked up and read.  I would dig right into them, but I have a stack of library books that I have to get through first.  The library books have due dates; my own books don't.  So there they sit, waiting patiently for me to go through my other stack first.  That doesn't mean that they're completely ignored and forgotten, though.  They're all nicely protected with cover film and once in a while, I'd pick them up and riffle through the pages.  Is it weird that that new book smell that wafts up as I riffle through the pages sparks joy in me?

Singwa -Wed, 11 Oct 2017
(Scouts bringing back the dragon boat to shore.)
Photo not related at all to the post.
I just like how it turned out and want to share.

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04 October 2017

Half-term holidays are here again.  I look forward to these... whether we stay in Hong Kong or sneak away.  It's always a time when we can go about our days with no activities scheduled. We could choose to bake, stay up late(r), try a new recipe, go out and explore places in Hong Kong that we'd never been to, check out a new restaurant, go for a joy ride on the MTR and hop out at new stations, go for things that we normally cannot do on regular school days... or just chill at home.  

Singwa - Wed, 4 Oct 2017

So far, we've checked out a new dimsum place (meh!), had a go at making our first no-bake cheesecake (yay!) and played Power Grid.  

Yesterday, we had planned on checking out this place famous for its beef brisket noodles.  We ran a few errands first before making our way there; stopped by for bubble tea along the way (but of course!).  We got there before 12:30 pm, --when it was supposed to open, --and already there was a looooooooonnnnnnggggg queue down the entire street.  It might be all the tourists in town over China's "golden week" (where they have the entire week off to celebrate National Day).

We decided to go back some other time and instead headed down to a Michelin-starred place that I'd been meaning to check out.  Jackpot!  We got there before the lunch crowd and got a booth. The food was great and J declared it fantastic.  By the time we finished, the line for the people waiting stretched all the way up the stairs (the restaurant is in a basement) and down the street!  

Today, I'm planning to take the kids to one of my favorite Thai restaurants for the best green curry ever.  Are you beginning to see a trend here...? We love to eat!


26 September 2017

I found this as I was clearing away old stuff. It's a page from a notebook from when Josh was in Year 5.  He had to write a few examples of complex sentences for his class work.

Even though the weather was hot, Mrs. Dale, who didn't put on sunblock, went to the beach.

Even though the water was shark-infested, Mrs. Dale went for a swim.
Even though Mrs. Dale, who had one leg bitten off by a shark, was getting sunburnt, she was as happy as ever.
Celebration of Learning day is tomorrow, but Mrs. Dale, who bled to death on the beach, was missing.
5H, who have been learning about different religions, wondered why Mr. Dale was crying.

Singwa - Wed, 27 Sep 2017

Josh has always had a quirky sense of humor. I'm beginning to appreciate this even more now that his jokes are not about farts and smelly parts. 

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19 September 2017

September has always been one of the busiest months for us, what with the first few weeks of school and all.  This year, though, seems to be even more crammed with to-do's and various activities. Z is having netball three times a week; sometimes even four, if there is a tournament on Sunday.  Both of them still have Scouts activities --on different days, in different locations.  She insists on still doing Drama.  She's joined Battle of the Books again, as well as the Elite Recorder Club. J has his Math Club and he's also learning wing chun.  On top of all that, there's piano for both of them, too. Oh, there's also Cathechism classes on Sundays.  I get exhausted just thinking about all this.

We've asked if they were willing to give up one or two of the activities and they both gave an an adamant No.  At the end of the day, if they are enjoying the activities they've signed up for and can manage with the rest of what they need to do, we are fine with it (even though we are the ones who get really tired shuttling them around!).

Last Saturday, both their troops had a joint Scout activity.  They had their Open Water Test and did various water-related activities at Hebe Haven.  J had a dragonboat race.  Z and the other Cubs were taught how to scull a dinghy, how to heave a lifeline, and learned eight different knots.  It was hot and humid as could be, but everyone had great fun. 

12 September 2017

We took a short trip to Manila last week.  It was what my soul needed.  Not the notorious Manila traffic, mind you --never that!  Don't even get me started on how bad it gets.  What made this trip special was that I got to reconnect with friends from high school, many of whom I hadn't seen in 30 years!  Everyone looked pretty much the same, albeit with a few lines here and there.  Laugh lines, I'd like to think, because the laughter came just as easily as it did back then.  Maybe even more abundantly now as we mocked how silly we were back in the days.  The humor dry, wry, and a bit sly at times, but always in good fun.  

As we reminisced, we also caught up with what each is doing now, swapped stories of our children and spouses, gossiped about those who were not present (not going to lie!).  I am smiling as I am writing this... and dreaming of halo-halo and maíz con hielo and palabok.

Singwa - Wed, 13 Sep 2017
View from the plane as we were descending into Hong Kong

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06 September 2017

w e d n e s d a y

Confession:  I'm struggling to find inspiration for posts of late.  Weird, because I've been reading more (than usual) and generally I find plenty of things to reflect on and write about from the books that I read. Not happening. Yet. I'm still waiting... 


Where do you draw inspiration for your posts?

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29 August 2017

...or am I?  I've started on a post a few times the last couple of weeks since we've come back from our summer holiday and couldn't get past the first few sentences.  Blame it on jet lag, blame it on the back-to-school prep, blame it on trying to get back to a routine now that the kids are back in school.

Anyway, we had a lovely summer.  J & Z attended their first-ever wedding and were part of the wedding party.  Had their first ride in a limo bus (my first, too!).  We went on our annual blueberry-picking trip and had yummy, yummy fresh berry shakes and scrumptious berry waffles to reward ourselves after the pick.  We didn't go on any road trip this year, what with the wedding and all, but we had fun nonetheless.  

The kids, as always, had an absolute blast with the cousins.  What's more, the cousins brought their 6-month old bernedoodle with them for the summer and everyone was kept busy fussing over the dog, taking her for walks, and just plain spoiling her.

How was your summer?

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