21 April 2015

Civet Coffee {Kopi Luwak}

One of the more interesting things we did while in Bali was to try kopi luwak (civet coffee).  I’ve heard of it before and was not interested at all to try it.  A couple of specialty coffee shops here serve it.  First of all, I was put off after knowing how the coffee beans are “processed” and the other reason was that kopi luwak is expensive (over USD35 per cup!).


But we found ourselves at a farm / coffee plantation.  They offered tea and coffee tasting.  We thought, why not?  A man walked us through the whole process of how kopi luwak is made.  They had a few civets in cages. He explained how they collect the droppings,
wash them and then dry them under the sun for five days;
wash them again and dry them again for another five days,

peel off an outer layer of the seeds,

wash and then dry them again for yet another five days,
They are then roasted for 30 minutes over open fire,

before being ground to a fine powder. 

After knowing more about the process, it is not as off-putting as I’d originally thought.  Even my son, who’s so squeamish about things, agreed to try kopi luwak… and loved it!

17 April 2015

A Cuppa

I love the smell of coffee, but I don’t normally take it.  I’m more of a tea person, but once in a while, I do enjoy a cup of coffee.  We had the chance to try kopi luwak (civet coffee) while we were in Bali.  I will share more about the experience in future posts.  For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy this {tamer} version.


15 April 2015

A Sunshine Smile

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.
These are but trifles, to be sure;
but scattered along life's pathway,
the good they do is inconceivable.

~ Joseph Addison

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14 April 2015

These are a quick peek of some of the images from our trips to Bali and Singapore this Easter break…
a few that fit this month’s theme of Pastel.





Please head on over and visit with Becky (her blog) to check out her lovely pastel images and then follow on through to the next one in our circle.  Once you are done visiting our circle, please check out our Facebook page and share your pastel photos. We'd love to see your pretty pastel pics!

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10 April 2015

Happy Accidents

We took the kids to a night safari in Singapore.  It was quite an adventure for them –staying up way past their bedtime, seeing all those nocturnal creatures, trekking in the dark, and being in really close encounters with some of the animals. 

It was hard to get good shots in the dark and out of all the shots I’d taken that night, this one made me do a happy dance.  We were on the tram and went past the flamingos.  Because the aperture stayed open so long as we moved past, I got this soft, blurry image…. of flamingo ballerinas! 


07 April 2015

Balinese Silver

We had a chance to visit a place where we could see how pieces of Balinese silver jewelry are made.  Balinese silver is known for its intricate granulation and wirework decoration.  Each piece is handmade.  The tiny little beads you see around the “pearl” is painstakingly glued/soldered on bead by bead onto the piece.  I love silver jewelry and it was great being able to see the process of how they make the jewelry.  The place that we visited is probably quite “touristy,” because we saw a few tourist buses parked outside.  Also, at their shop, you could actually negotiate the price down by 50%.  I have a feeling that they might have gone down more if we had started walking away.  Regardless, I am pretty happy with the piece that I've chosen.



Bali Sunset (2)

One of the places we visited while in Bali was Tanah Lot.  We went there after a long day visiting other places, but we wanted to see the sunset from there.  Even though we were there for less than half an hour, it was worth the long drive. 




03 April 2015

Bali Sunset (1)

The kids are on a term break / Easter holidays and we decided to take them to Bali for a short visit.  I’ve been to Bali before and I absolutely love the peaceful, laid back lifestyle there.  I don’t remember it being as busy as it is now, with all the motorbikes weaving in and out of traffic, but apart from that, everything else seems to be the same as it was when I was last there.  Friendly locals, plenty of tourists, cheap (but good!) food, beautiful architecture, gorgeous sunsets.

This picture below was taken from the rooftop of the villa where we stayed.  I’ll share a few more in my next posts, taken from a different place in Bali.  I don’t think I’ll ever tire of sunsets... or Bali.


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