Easy Dinner | Butter Chicken

I haven’t made this in a long time.  Mainly because every time I'd thought to make this for a meal, I’d forgotten that I have to marinate the chicken overnight first.   This time, though, I decided that marinating the chicken for a few hours (instead of overnight) might work as well.  I marinated the chicken for four hours and let me tell you, it works just fine.


I love this recipe for how easy it is to make and for how very yummy it is. 

4 pcs boneless chicken breasts, cubed
5 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp cardamom
1 bunch chopped coriander
1/2 lemon, juiced
1 whole onion, diced
1/4 cups butter
1 can (14.5 oz can) tomato sauce
1 can (14.5 oz can) diced tomatoes
1 pint whipping cream
1 bunch chopped coriander
2 cups rice

1) Combine first 8 ingredients and marinate overnight (preferably, but even 4 hours will do).
2) Saute the onion in the butter until soft.
3) Add marinated chicken and cook for around 10 minutes. Pour in tomato sauce and diced tomatoes.
4) Cook for 30 minutes on medium-low heat with lid on.
5) Add the whipping cream and coriander just before serving over rice.

Do give this a try; you won’t regret it, I promise!

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People don't realize that now is all there ever is;
there is no past or future
except as memory or anticipation in your mind.
~ Eckhart Tolle


It would be great to be able to find that fine balance between living fully in the now and being sensible enough to know that what we do now could affect our lives in the future.

A Wow Kind of Day

Every once in a while, the stars align, and everything seems to be just right.  The day goes smoothly, from the time the children wake up, to the time they come home from school and get right down to doing their homework and reading,  to dinner, bath, a little play (with plenty of giggles and laughs), and then bedtime.  Just a wow kind of day.  We didn’t do anything special.   It’s just a regular day, but wow.  Today. 


Thank you, Josh and Zoë, for the wow today.

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Hong Kong at a Glance (10) | Po Lin Monastery

From the Discover Hong Kong site:

The Po Lin Monastery is one of Hong Kong’s most important Buddhist sanctums and has been dubbed ‘the Buddhist World in the South’. Home to many a devout monk, this monastery is rich with colourful manifestations of Buddhist iconography and its pleasant garden is alive with birdsong and flowery scents. You can also enlighten your appetite at their popular vegetarian restaurant.


One of the places I’d visited with D was the Po Lin Monastery in Lantau.  We took the cable car up from Tung Chung.  The original plan was to visit the Big Buddha, but since the monastery was practically a stone’s throw away, we headed over for a quick visit first.  Interesting place.  There were people lighting incense and praying in the courtyard.  Inside, it’s just a hall with three giant gold Buddhas (representing the Past, Present, and Future) behind glass.   There’s another hall somewhere in the premises where visitors can have a vegetarian lunch during their visit.


I Heart Faces | Beautiful B&W

My friend and I occasionally go out on photo walks.  This shot below was taken during the one we took in North Point, around Marble Street.  If you love street photography, you will love North Point.  The place itself is so full of character and local flavor –in more ways than one!

Part of the reason why I love shooting around Marble Street are the senior citizens that are out and about there.  Some of them would be out doing their marketing, buying vegetables, haggling over prices with various vendors.  Some of them would be out for a walk with a grandchild.  Some of them just hanging out with their friends, shooting the breeze.  There are others would be working hard to eke out a living.  Like this bent little old lady below. 

She was busy collecting and gathering up used cardboard boxes from the street, from various shops.  She would collapse them one by one and stack them up on a cart, to transport them somewhere where she would sell them.  Not for a lot of money, but it would afford her food on the table.  She is not the only one that I have seen collecting and transporting cardboard boxes.  There are a number of little old ladies around Hong Kong who are doing what she’s doing.

I don’t know their story.  I don’t know why they’re in that situation at this stage of their lives.  On the one hand, I am glad that such ‘opportunities’ (for want of a better word!) exists for them, but on the other hand, it makes me feel sad that they’re not somewhere else more ‘comfortable.’ 




Last week, I’d mentioned that spring is finally here.  That I could finally wear shorts.  Well, it seems that I’d spoken a bit too soon.  Towards the end of last week, we had heavy rains, thick fog, and thunderstorms.  We even had hail!  The first time ever I think that Hong Kong had hail.   There were reports that hailstones broke through some glass panels of a shopping mall and caused flooding inside.


Rain is predicted still for the rest of this week.  Hopefully, no more hail.

So boring all this talk about the weather, I know.  Nothing much is happening around here.  We’ve been chillin’.  Mostly. 

{Pen} Friends

My pen pal from when I was 11 (!) was here visiting the past week and we had a great time exploring Hong Kong together.  I got to go to a couple of places that I’d never visited before –in all the 18+ years that I have been living here.

(Wisteria outside the walls of the Po Lin Monastery)

D and I started writing to each other when we were 11 and have kept in touch all these years.  It started with letters.  Then there were emails and now there’s Facebook.  We had met up twice before.  The last time was just two years ago when we summered in the city where she now lives.

It’s D’s first time to Hong Kong.  Of course, we went to The Peak, rode the cable car and visited the Big Buddha, had dim sum and bubble tea.  We checked out the Ladies Market,  took the escalators up to SoHo, visited the Man Mo Temple;  strolled through Laskar Row; rode the MTR and found the 10,000 Buddhas in Sha Tin; visited the Po Lin Monastery and the Chi Lin Nunnery; marvelled at the bonsais at the Nan Lian Garden.  We took the Star Ferry and walked down the Avenue of Stars.  We were even lucky enough to catch sight of the Aqua Luna with its sails up.  On a couple of days, D even went with me and helped out at the kids’ school.

Josh and Zoë both enjoyed having D in the house with us.  She got us playing Heads Up and Zoë almost always ropes D in to play cards with her.  Zoë even learned a new card trick from D that she’s keen to show to anybody who would be her willing audience.  D also patiently sat through one of Josh’s and Zoë’s skits that they threw together on the spot.

It’s been a pleasure to have D visit with us and funny how quickly 10 days flew by.  It’s back to school for her when she gets back (she’s a primary school teacher) and it’s back to regular routines for us… well, at least until my parents visit in just a couple of weeks.

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The weather has warmed up.
I can now wear shorts.
I can now wear short sleeves.
The trees are not as bare anymore.
Little shoots everywhere.
Peeking out from unexpected places.


I wonder if I can start putting away the winter clothes…?

(By the way, congratulations to Leanne M. for winning the Loomey Time watch giveaway !  I will email you for details.)

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