12 January 2009

For Starters

I used to love writing. A lot.

I used to have lots of diaries. I used to write personal reviews of books that I’d read, movies that I’d watched.

Until I started working. Then writing in a diary or putting personal thoughts on paper seemed juvenile.

Now that I am nearing mid-life (crisis?), I again need an outlet for all these random thoughts.

I also want there to be an account of this phase of my life --that of being a mom, a stay-at-home one at that. I had not imagined that I would be a full-time mom nor had I considered that I wouldn’t want to be anything else (for the time being).

Simply put, I am loving mamahood. Despite the lack of sleep, the messiness, the frustration, the guilt –oh, the guilt! – I am at my most fulfilled.

I am not one of those whom people might call “born to be a mom.” I do not take naturally to all kids. I do not cook all my children’s meals. More often than not, I am not as patient as I ought to be with Josh and Zoë. But I am learning. I pray for guidance. I hope I will enrich Josh's and Zoë’s lives the way that they’ve so enriched mine.

That’s one mighty tall order and one that I will do my darnedest to achieve.


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