31 January 2009

Human Dummy

On Day 2 or 3 after Josh was born, the pediatrician at the hospital walked into the room and spied me with Josh still attached at my breast, asleep. He took one look and exclaimed, "Take him off or you will be a human dummy!"

I was offended, as I didn't know then that dummy is how the Brits refer to what I know as a pacifier or a soother. Anyway...

I am a human dummy. I am still breastfeeding Zo
ë at 21 months. I nurse her to sleep. I hadn't planned on breastfeeding her this long and I'd planned to wean her at 18 months (the same time I stopped breastfeeding Josh).

Well, I am thankful that she is not weaned yet.

We had to rush Zo
ë to the hospital yesterday. She had convulsions (gastroenteritis-related). I agonized as I waited outside a room while I could hear her screaming and crying pitifully as the doctors and nurses poked and pricked her to get a blood sample and to get an IV drip set up.

She came out sobbing and really miserable and she kept trying to pull out the IV drip --which she eventually succeeded in doing in the middle of the night. Ugh!

She didn't have much appetite, taking only a couple of bites of anything and then pushing away and saying, "Done now." The only thing that she would take is "Milk" and by that she meant Mommy's milk. She was constantly at the breast, asking to (change) "Side, please" every so often.

I am glad and thankful that I can still provide her with the comfort of the breast and somehow, through breast milk, I know that she is getting some of the much needed nutrients during this time.

Okay, now I won't be in such a hurry to wean her. I don't mind being a human dummy if it means that I can somehow give her comfort when she badly needs it. I just hope that I won't still be breastfeeding her when she is 12!


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