29 January 2009

Is It July Yet?

It's so cute how kids can get so excited about something that they simply can't wait. Even "tomorrow" can seem too far away, let alone July (when it's only now January)!

Josh got a Trunki for his birthday and he was very keen to show it off to PoPo (Grandma). He dragged it out and announced that he's going to use it the next time he travels.

Me: "Sure, you can use your luggage when we go to Vancouver this summer."
Josh: "When are we going to Vancouver?"
Me: "In July, Josh."
Josh: "Okay, I'm going to pack now. I'll bring my car and I will share it with Aaron (his cousin)."
Me: "No hurry, Josh. It's only January now." (I took him over to the calendar and showed him how many more months between now and July.)
Josh: "But Mommy! That's SO long!"

He then ran over to the phone and punched in Chris' number.

Josh: Hello, Daddy. I'm going to take my luggage to Vancouver, but Mommy said we're going in July, but that's too long, so we're going on Mar 25, okay?"

Chris comes home at lunch and saw the Trunki open on the floor half-filled with various toys.

Chris: Oh, Josh, but what are you going to wear?

Josh ran to the room, pulled out one of his pajama tops, threw it in together with the toys, and announced, "Okay, there!"

Josh is already excitedly talking about what he'll do in Vancouver. He was laughing when he was telling us that Zoë would probably not wait, but eat the blueberries directly off the plant. He then advised Zoë that she should not eat the green ones, because "they're not ripe yet, so you should only eat the blue ones, because those are yummy." He was wondering if we'll be staying at a hotel... etc.

Sigh. Smile.


aili said...

What a nice present! I have never seen this before. It is so cool that the kid could actually pack their own luggage!! May i know where did you get it from?

Buckeroo said...

We actually redeemed it with our Asia Miles points, but I've seen it in some baby stores. It's being distributed by this company called Bloom and Grow here in Hong Kong.

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