13 January 2009

January To-Do's

Cool January
A beginning, it is true
Many things to do.

My boys' birthdays, six days apart
For the first time in three years, Chris is not on a business trip on his birthday -yippee! I still haven't gotten him anything other than a strawberry cake. I did manage to order a cake for Josh's birthday lunch this Saturday, but I'll still have to get a cake or order cupcakes for his birthday do at school on Monday. Gift for Josh - check. At least this year, I do not have to make birthday invites for Josh's birthday party (as I did last year - check photo). Although I did enjoy making them.

My parents' visit. My mom's birthday.

My parents are visiting next week. I am looking forward to their visit. Apart from Chris, they are the only other people to whom I can gush about my kids and know that I am not boring them to tears.

My mom is a not a fussy person, but nonetheless, I think we should do something special. I just need to figure out what, although I'm sure anything that involves Josh and Zoë would totally make her day.

A token attempt at putting together a list of resolutions.
I only have two resolutions on my list this year. To lose at least five pounds and to buy only books as presents for Josh and Zoë.

Okay, so I have not-so-subtly been told that I had put on weight. Apparently, a lot of weight. As with years before, losing some pounds is at the top of my list. I am not going for the impossible here. Maybe just five pounds in the first six months... and whatever else I lose beyond that will be a bonus. Chris is getting me the Wii Fit, so I am hoping that that will help. I simply cannot not eat. I just have to make sure that I work out more. Yeah, right.

Old things to get rid of before Chinese New Year.
Always a good excuse to get rid of junk. I just have to get my act together this year and really purge. Will I finally accept that I am not going to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes? If ever I do manage to keep to my New Year's resolution and work out and eventually lose some pounds, then I'll have an excuse to celebrate and get myself some new threads. How about that for motivation?

I also have to sort through the kids' huge pile of toys and decide which ones to give away. l think I've finally learned to appreciate Less is more.

Chinese New Year plans.
What are we going to do to keep the kids entertained, while keeping ourselves sane at the same time? I also need to plan the menus for the 4-day holiday, which means that I have to make sure that I will have all necessary ingredients by next Saturday. I think this, above all, stresses me out the most.


Many things to do...


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