27 January 2009

Josh is 4!

Four Australian Opens ago, I was tuning in to the tournament from a hospital bed at the Adventist, in between sleeping and marveling at the new bundle of joy that came into our lives. I was a bit apprehensive because I wasn't sure what to do when. That was four years ago. When I first become a mom.

I still don't know what to do given certain situations, but I think Chris and I've done okay, given the way that Josh has turned out. He is this wonderfully delightful little boy, quite mature for his age, yet a 'normal' boy by all counts. Ever since he could communicate with us using infant sign language at 9 months, he has been amazing us with his observations, wowing us with things that he could remember and memorize (70's songs and ancient T'ang poetry), delighting us with his antics, melting our hearts with his sensitivity, and yes, occasionally testing my patience with his kakulitan.

No longer a baby, but a "big boy," a "big brother" (Zoƫ couldn't have asked for a more loving and caring one!). He doesn't want me going on the school bus with him anymore because "I'm in K2 now." He still likes me to "spoon" with him, though. He still lets me hug, kiss, and tickle him. He still hugs me hard.

Josh sings along to the songs we play in the car... not kiddie songs, but songs like "Brown Eyed Girl" (Van Morrison), "Joy to the World" (Three Dog Night), and "All I Need Is a Miracle" (Mike and the Mechanics). What I love, though, is that despite liking and appreciating things that we adults like, he still loves Thomas the Tank Engine, Mickey Mouse, and Dibo,the Gift-Giving Dragon.

My wonderful precocious child.

I feel so very blessed. I do.


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