28 January 2009

Tummy Owie!

There is nothing that gets me stressed more than having one of my children get sick.

These past two days, I have not just one child down, but two! Both Josh and Zo
ë have some kind of stomach virus that had them sitting on the throne a lot and even vomiting a few times. Both of them had fever, too.

Josh is pretty good about taking his meds, but Zo
ë is a different story. I thought the doctor would have to give her a shot just to make sure that she got her meds. He gave us suppositories instead, which is not fun to give to Zoë (but then, I guess, nothing about a child getting sick is fun)!

Anyway, I found this site that talks specifically about stomach flu in children. It lists causes, symptoms, what-to-do-when's, etc. A useful resource.

Here's hoping that my two little ones are back to their cheerful, healthy selves PDQ!


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