13 February 2009

Bed and Boobs

Pitter patter. Pause. Pitter patter.

I kept still, eyes closed, pretending to be in deep sleep. Through half-closed eyes, I could make out the little pixie shape that is Zoë, standing next to our bed. She was just there. Standing. Not making a peep. Waiting.

The sight melted my mommy heart... seeing my little baby standing there in the dark, looking lost. I had to call to her and let her climb onto our bed and sleep with us.

For about a couple of weeks now (since she had a bout of gastroenteritis), Zo
ë has taken to walking to our room in the middle of the night and getting into bed with us.

How it all started:

Initially, she would just whimper in her bed (in her room) and either Chris or I would run in to see what's wrong (Buzzer sound!). First mistake. We'd then pick her up and bring her to bed with us. (Bang a gong!) Second mistake. She had since then started to come into our room and we'd scoot to make room for her and she'd climb up and snuggle in.

Yesterday, I had a get-together with some good mommy friends. They all suggested that I should be tough, because the problem won't solve itself. I agreed (kinda half-heartedly --she might well be my last baby, you know!). So last night, I decided to tough it out a bit and experiment a little and see what would happen if we'd just ignore her.

ë came in and again just stood by our bed. We didn't stir. She sidled over to the foot of the bed. We still did not acknowledge her presence. I must have dozed off a bit. When I opened my eyes to check on her, I saw this little heap lying on the floor. My poor little tikester got tired of waiting for us to call to her that she just decided to camp out on the floor next to our bed! Chris scooped her up off the floor and settled her in her usual spot between us.

I am of two minds about this, as I am about weaning her off the breast. On the one hand, I want my B&B and my R&R back, but then when I think about how she just might be our last baby, I just want to hang on to these moments a bit longer. She'll be 22 months old this Saturday.

What do you think?

*In case you were wondering: B&B = bed & boobs!)


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