18 February 2009

Her Royal Feistiness

Sugar and spice and everything nice
That's what little girls are made of.

When I found out that I was having a girl, I dreamed of cute little outfits, pretty accessories that she'd be wearing. I dreamed of Her Pretty Pinkness, of a docile, sweet little princess who would love playing with dolls, be very ladylike, and oh-so-adorable.

I got my Zoë.
So not into cute little outfits or pretty accessories (she would pull the clips out of her hair whenever we'd try to put them on).

Her Pretty Pinkness? She looks better in Dora-esque outfits --shorts and shirts and sneakers, --than in frilly dresses.

Docile? Not a chance. She cries out, "Zoë first!" when Josh tries to take something away from her. We call her Her Royal Feistiness.

Sweet? VERY! Hugs and kisses galore. She calls out, "Mommy?" and then gives me the sweetest of crinkly-eyes smiles ever. She rushes over to the tissue box when Josh sneezes, grabs a tissue, AND tries to wipe Josh's nose. She gives Josh hugs and pats him when he cries. She always squeals "Daddy!" as soon as Chris comes home and pumps those short little legs as she runs to hug him.

Playing with dolls. Yes, she loves to play with dolls and plush toys. She hugs and kisses them, feeds them, and carts them around in her little baby stroller.

Ladylike --not. But I kinda like prefer this way, I think. Time enough later for lipstick and such.
Oh-so-adorable --oh yes! Zoë is quite a character. She lights up my world with her bright gummy grins, with her squeals of delight, with her shouts of "Again, Mommy, again!" She makes us all laugh with her silly antics and she laughs along with us, saying, "Funny!"

Zoë is not what I dreamed of. She is so, so, so much more. :)


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