24 February 2009

Kiss Better

Zoë's been having some growing pains lately (literally). She came running to me tonight clutching her knee, crying, "Owie, owie! Mommy, kiss better." I massaged her knee for a bit and then leaned down to plant kisses there. When I was done, Zoë announced, "Better" and slid off my lap and went back to play.

There is something ever so humbling about being the one your children turn to when they are hurt, sad or simply needing comfort. The trust that is somehow placed upon your shoulders when they come to you expecting you to kiss away their owies, hug away their fears or simply just hold them because they need to be held, is something that is so precious.

How long before they grow up and won't need us to do any of those anymore?

Chris would sometimes actually say to Josh and Zo
ë, "Stay this way a little bit longer, okay?" Zoë would always reply, "Yes, Daddy" even though she probably didn't know what it was that Chris just asked of her. Sweet.


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