26 February 2009

My Budding Writer

After reading the bedtime story last night, Josh asked me who the lady was that was on the inside cover of the book jacket. I told him that she's the author of the book that we just read.

Me: Remember how, before I started reading, I said, 'Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney. Shall we begin?' Well, this lady here is Anna Dewdney. She wrote the story that we just read.

Josh: Ahh.

Me: See, if you write a story, one day, when some mommy will read your story to their little boy and girl, she'll say, 'Story by Joshua Xxxxxx. Shall we begin?'

I looked over at Josh and could see the idea percolating inside his little head. He had this little smile on his face and then he turned to me and said, "I want to write a book tomorrow!"

So we did. This morning. First thing upon waking up at 6:30am, in fact! Josh couldn't wait and wanted to start right away.

I cut up an A4 paper in half (crosswise) and then stacked the two pieces together and folded them in half and stapled them together at the fold. His "book" all ready and just waiting to soak up his early morning creative juices.

I told Josh that he'll be the one to do the illustrations and when he's done to come to me and tell me the story so that I could write it down for him.

Minutes later he was back. He had filled all the pages with his drawings. And The Good Machine Was Trying to Fight the Bad Cat was born!

I'm no Ansel Adams, so please excuse the bad photos, but this is what his "book" looks like.

Cover: The Good Machine Was Trying to Fight the Bad Cat. Words and illustrations by Joshua Xxxxxx.

Page 1: The bad machine tries to break the bad cat and then the cat died. (There, end of story. The cat died.)

Page 2: The good machine fights the bad machine and
it only has one bit to fight. (Ah, of course, the good machine. If there are bad machines, they have to be good ones, too!)

Page 3: Then the other good machine tries to help his friend.

Page 4: And then the good machine just likes helping his friend. (Awww!)

Page 5: Then, another good machine tries to help the other two good machines.

Page 6: Then the good machines can fight the bad machines so well.

Back cover: (Self-portrait - Josh). Copyright 2009.


It's not going to win any Pulitzer, but it's a start. What's more, we had fun 'making' his book! :)


elaine said...

This is so COOL!!!! He is so creative!

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