28 February 2009

No Gentleman

Josh's soccer coach teases them sometimes by greeting them with a "How are you doing, ladies?" or sometimes with "How are the babies today?" Josh and the rest of his Socatots mates would yell out, "We're not ladies/babies; we're boys!"

Well, I told Josh that the next time Coach Andy does that, he can tell him that he's not a lady, but a "gentleman." Josh looked at me, alarmed. He then declared, "I don't want to be a gentleman. I want to be a chef when I grow up."

He'd had a similar conversation with his teacher, who noted that conversation in his handbook.

Tonight, a similar conversation took place yet again.

Josh: I want to marry Zoe when I grow up. (I'm not going to go there.)

Me: Really? (I'm holding back from launching into a million reasons why he can't do that.)

Josh: But I don't really dream of marrying. (There goes my dream of grandchildren.)

Before I could say anything, Josh continued, "I don't dream of being a gentleman; I only dream of being a chef."

Hmmm. I really don't know what he has against being a gentleman. Yes, I know that he doesn't really understand the concept. He thinks it's something one decides to become when one grows up.

And then, there's his very positive conviction that he is going to be a chef when he grows up. Josh was a chef at his K1 Pretend Day at school. Last Halloween, he dressed up as a chef again, despite my tempting him with this really cool black skeleton costume.

I'd suggested that he could be a gentleman chef.

A chef, a chef, Mommy! I don't want to be a gentleman, only a chef!

Okay, okay. I know when to back down.


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