11 February 2009

Pottinger Peak Country Trail

Having lived right next to the Pottinger Peak Country Trail for almost six years, this week is the first time that I've ventured to hike all the way to Big Wave Bay. I did my first hike on this trail on Monday and today, I did it again with my mom --woo hoo!

This is the perfect hike for me at this stage (where I haven't
had much any exercise for almost 4 years!) It offers enough uphill trekking so that it's not a ninny hike and but it's short enough that you don't feel utterly exhausted afterward. A most pleasant bonus is the picturesque view. Even the steps, especially the ones after the Pottinger Peak View Compass, are "pretty." My photos don't do 
justice to the actual view, --it's a rather hazy day today, --but let me assure you, I found myself stopping quite a bit. No, not because I had to catch my breath (well okay, that, too, if you have to insist on honesty!), but because you can't help but stop and take in the view and dream of what it might be like to live in that mansion with the big lawn and tennis court.

The first part of the hike is a bit of a treacherous climb, although for seasoned hikers, it might not be as agonizing. We started from Siu Sai Wan, next to the soccer pitch an
d went up the Leaping Dragon Walk. It is a wide paved road that leads all the way up to Leaping Dragon Paradise. It takes around 15 minutes to get there from the start of the walk. At that point, you can take in the view of the harbor while you catch your breath. From there, you proceed to the start of the Pottinger Peak Country Trail which takes you to either Tai Long Wan (Big Wav
e Bay) or to Ma Tong Au.

Five hundred huffing-and-puffing steps up, we arrived at the Pottinger Peak View Compass --another place where you can stop and rest. From thi
s point onwards, it gets easier. It's mainly downhill on those lovely steps that I mentioned earlier. The water is to your left and the further down you go, you start seeing more of Big Wave Bay. On good days, you can probably even see surfers riding the waves. When the beach comes into view, it's like a "reward" at the end of the hike.

The whole hike took less than two hours from start to finish. We ended up right at the beach. There is a refreshment stand by the beach... or you can walk a little bit up the road there is another store where you can actually sit down and have lunch.

To get back to civilization, you have the following options:
1) Wait at the bus stop up the road for the public bus that takes you to Shaukeiwan.
2) Try your luck at getting a cab.
3) At around 12:00-12:15pm, there is a small white school bus 
that drops off some kids at Big Wave Bay/Shek O. You can actually get on that bus, pay HK$8 per person, and they take you all the way to Shaukeiwan. (This was what we took today. I don't reckon it's a "legal" operation, but the lady who was waiting at the bus stop with us told us that we could take it together with her. There were other "passengers" on the bus, who got off at various points en route to Shaukeiwan.)

Next scheduled hike - Wednesday, the 18th. Join me?


tess said...

where are you going?

let me know...i did parkview to stanley the other day in 2hrs 12m, and parkview to quarry bay, tai tam reservoir and back to parkview...but i am worried i would slow you down. 500 steps is great! WELL DONE and WOW to your mum!

Buckeroo said...

Probably the same hike, because some friends who wanted to come along couldn't make it today.

Wow, 2hrs 12m for Parkview to Stanley -that's great. I think when we did it last week, it took us much longer than that! So, no, you definitely won't be slowing me down (the other way around might be more true)!

Do let me know if you want to join and I'll send you details. :)

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