08 February 2009


After doing that review about Zingo!, I've decided to start another blog (Kiddie Treasures) solely for reviews of things that we like... games, books, music, activities, etc. These will be mostly about kiddie products and services --some are educational products, but mostly these are stuff that I and kids find to be lots of fun. If I can reach deep into the recesses of my parenthood-dulled brain, I might even include some reviews of "baby" products that we've used and found indispensable.

Growing up, I went through a phase when I would write reviews of every book (trashy or otherwise) and movie that I'd read and watched. Then, it was partly practice for writing serious book reports for our Comm Arts class in high school and also partly to satisfy the "critic" urge in me. Now, it's mainly for sharing with other mommy friends our "great finds." It's hopefully also a way to help Josh and Zoe remember, years and years from now, when they have their own kids, what stuff helped keep Mommy sane. :)


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