22 February 2009

Two Workshops and a Dinner

Barely enough sleep from the night before, having to wake up every so often to check on Zoë and making sure that her temperature didn't rise.

A dull headache.

Not good. I had two Baby Signs
® workshops scheduled for the day, one in the morning at the YWCA and another one in Saikung. And then there's dinner with friends at night. Would I make it through without collapsing?

After breakfast, I hurried off to the Y. Got there at 9:40am and found that the car park was full! I had a whole suitcase of stuff with me and my computer, too and I didn't relish the thought of parking at Coda Plaza's car park and having to lug everything and walk up to the Y. So I pleaded with the attendant to let me in, if only to unload and bring my stuff up first. After I left my stuff in the classroom, I hurried back down to further beg that he just let me park there, because I didn't have much time and my class would be starting at 10am. I was prepared to grovel and ooze out a tear or two if necessary, but thankfully, I didn't have to put my acting chops to the test. The attendant just gave me my parking ticket and said that he's letting me park even though the spot has been reserved by some other person who's paying monthly parking fees. Thank you!!!

The workshop at the Y went without a hitch. Despite being tired from the night before, I found myself energized as soon as I started the workshop. I SO love doing this. I love sharing with others about the Baby Signs
® Program. I love that they enjoy the Charades game where they get to practice the signs that we'd learned during the session. I love the "ah-yes" look they get when they see how easy signing is. I love how excited they get about starting right away when they get home. I can't wait to hear back from them when their little ones start signing! I love knowing that in some little way, somehow, I am helping these families embark on a most amazing journey that would give them a much richer interaction with their babies than would otherwise be possible without the Baby Signs® Program. I love doing this. Now you know why.

Back home for a quick lunch and then I had to be out again for my workshop in
Clearwater Bay Saikung at 3pm. In my rush to get out, I dug out an email from the client, hurriedly copied down the address and off I went. The cab dropped me off and immediately I knew something was not quite right. The house seemed deserted. I finally managed to get in touch with the client and found out that I'd gone to her old address and that they'd moved. Duh! My fault totally. In my befuddled state, I'd opened up an old email from her and not her latest one where she'd listed down her new address. Half an hour later, I finally made it to the client's home. The workshop went well. Client was happy. I was happy.

I was on a high after the workshop, but I was really tired when I got back home. Thankfully, both Josh and Zoe have had dinner and their baths. All ready to be tucked in. It didn't take long for both to conk out, so Chris and I managed to sneak out earlier than planned.

We had a nice, leisurely dinner with Simone and Tom at Padang in Causeway Bay. We haven't had a night like this in a long while --i.e., relaxed, no need to hurry back to tuck the kids in, good conversation that doesn't necessarily revolve around the kids, yummy food. Hmm, should definitely do this more often.

Home by midnight. Snoring away by one. (Note: I don't snore. Really!)


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