05 February 2009

Wii... or Wii Not?

Chris and I got ourselves a Wii over Christmas. Chris said that it will help with Josh's hand-eye coordination. *Rolls eyes!* I didn't put up much resistance because I wanted the Wii Fit.

I was initially concerned that we, including Josh, might get too addicted to playing, but I'm glad to report that that has not been the case. Josh is still too young to skillfully maneuver and he doesn't want to play. Good news, right? Yeah, one would think so.

But... he wants us to play, while he watches, directs our moves, and does a running commentary throughout each game!

What I find disturbing (in a cute kind of way --but disturbing, nonetheless!) is that in two of his "documentations of learning" at school, he made references to the Wii:

1) Yesterday: I played Mario Kart. / Tomorrow: I will play Mario Kart again.
2) This is how I go to bed: Play a TV game. Read a book. Say a prayer. (Hopefully, a bit of redemption with the "Read a book" and "Say a prayer" bit.)

We do not play the Wii every day and it is NOT part of his bedtime routine, although I'm pretty sure he wishes otherwise.


Chairman Bill said...

How do you get the music thingie on your blog?

Chris said...

What is amazing is he gets yesterday and tommorrow. When I pic X up from school and ask "so what did you do today," his answer is always "I don't know!"

Buckeroo said...

Chairman Bill - www.playlist.com You can do up your own playlist and they can give you the code for embedding it on your template.

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