07 February 2009


This is a really fun game for families with small kids. It's like a kiddie version of Bingo. What I like about it is that it is very, very simple, but its "simplicity" does not take away the fun factor for us old fogeys. It is so simple that even Zoë, who's only 21 months, can actually join in and play (and win!). On the box, it says 4-8yrs old, but really, as long as your toddler understands simple concepts and can match pictures, she can take part and have a ball, too.

Both Josh and Zoë like being the dealer. They get to slide the tile dispenser and call out the tiles. When they're not being the dealer, it's really cute to see them try to "out-grab" the other players for the tiles that match the pictures on their cards. Zoë likes to grab the tiles and then she hands them out to whomever needs them (after she's sure she doesn't need them herself). Josh's technique is to grab the tiles first and then with both on hand, he checks his cards. We've had to implement a penalty for tiles grabbed which do not match any picture on the cards. :)

"Teaches image and vocabulary recognition, matching, memory, concentration, and social interaction." Above all, it's really great fun!


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