29 March 2009

Big Brother, Little Sister

Me: Josh, can you please keep an eye on Zoë while I go to the washroom?
Josh: Sure, Mom. (He has taken to calling me "Mom" instead of Mommy of late.)
Me: Thanks, Josh. Zo
ë, please listen to Josh, okay? ... Okay, Zoë?
ë: Okay, Mommy.

No sooner had I taken a couple of steps away from the room did I hear an authoritative "Sit down, Zo
ë. I said, Sit down." I stopped and looked back in time to see Zoë plopping down next to Josh.

I'm really happy that Josh is taking to his role as a big brother very well --in terms of looking out for and looking after his little sister. Zo
ë, in turn, adores Josh and would do everything that he tells her to --most of the time, unless she gets it in her head to tease Josh mercilessly (and I mean, mer.ci.less.ly!) by repeatedly knocking over the complicated race tracks and towers that Josh would be working so hard to build and then running away and giggling... and then coming back for another go, once Josh has repaired the damage!

Sometimes she gets Josh so frustrated that he'd cry and when she sees Josh crying, she would, without being told by anybody, grab a tissue and go over to Josh and try to wipe his tears and then give him a hug, kiss him, pat him on the back, stroke his head. Sometimes she would even throw in a few "Sorry, KoKo" when she'd do that. And Josh... well, he'd sit there and let her comfort him, soaking up the sisterly love. When the tears stop, they're back at being partners in mischief again.

I love seeing my tikesters get along, fight, then make up. I love it that they both are sweet with each other. I love... I love, I just love, love, love these tikesters. Totally smitten. Absolutely head over heels. (You can tell, I got a good night's sleep.)


Lindy said...

How sweet!

I don't know what it is about knocking over the towers but there is a definite fascination to be had there.

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