07 March 2009

EEG... eek!

We had to take Zoë for an EEG (electroenceplalogram) this morning to make sure that she doesn't have any physical or mental problem after her gastroenteritis-related convulsions last month.

The whole process would take only 30 minutes, generally. They put a cap over your head and attach electrodes which are, in turn, hooked up to a computer, which will record the electrical brain activity. While the computer is recording, you can do whatever you want for as long as you stay still and don't move around too much.

Stay still for 20 minutes. Hah! Zo
ë lasted for 10 minutes and then started to try to pull off the cap and kept saying, "Go home!"

Because there were other patients scheduled for an EEG that day, we had to terminate our session and reschedule for another.

Help! We brought raisins, Cheerios, milk, grapes, blueberries, books, crayons, Lego pieces, etc.-- everything that we could think of to keep her occupied for 20 minutes. I even breastfed her! I really don't know what to do for Monday. Unless we're very lucky, it might just be a repeat of today, maybe even worse, because Zo
ë already knows what goes on and she will not want to set foot in the room at all! Worst case scenario, she might have to be given some medication to help her sleep (Oh, good luck with keeping the meds down, Doc!).

Any suggestions for what else I can try on Monday? Please, pretty please...?


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