12 March 2009

For Lent

Usually, it's something I really like. Chips, for example. I go without chips during Lent. It's not easy for me to give up chips.

This year, though, I am inspired to do something different. I got an email that suggested actually doing something instead of not doing something. Starting today, I've decided to be a patient mom during Lent. I have about a month to go where I will count to 10 (or 50!) when I feel like exploding in frustration over something the kids did or didn't do. I will listen more, play more, explain, be nurturing, be there for my kids instead of being a fixture in front of the PC Facebooking or blogging.

Could I last that long and still keep my sanity?


Joanne Choi said...

40 days without yelling? I don't think I'd last - you a far better person than I am...

Buckeroo said...

I'm struggling... lol!

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