19 March 2009

A Good Day

Despite Chris leaving for a business trip this morning, despite feeling woozy, and despite having a throbbing headache all day, today was a good day.

1) Zoë and I had a wonderful time at her swimming lesson this morning. She was so excited about going swimming and once in the water, was so game for everything. She especially loved it when I would sit her on the side of the pool and ask her to jump in to the water and I'd catch her. I love taking Zoë to new places and getting her to try new things as she just totally embraces each new experience that it's such a joy to watch.

2) Tired from the morning "exercise," I took a short nap after lunch. When I woke up, Josh presented me with a "book" that he had illustrated and wanted me to "write the words" for him (See his book here.) After we finished doing his book, we still had some time left before we had to leave for his Socatots class, so Josh decided to draw some more. Zoë, of course, did some drawing along with him. When they were both done, Zoë brought both pieces over and said, "Hang up, Mommy." I am running out of space to hang their art work! I just love it when the kids can entertain themselves and have some creative output, too.... little things that I can keep and give back and share with them when they're older.

3) Josh's Socatots class went especially well today. Josh is definitely better at saving goals than at scoring them, but today, he scored a few goals, and at one-on-one play at that. I liked it that he didn't gloat even when he scored the goals (when it was all I could do to stop from jumping up and doing Dora's "We Did It" dance). I liked it that even when he wasn't able to successfully save a couple of goals today, he just calmly walked back to the queue to have another go. No tears, no drama (and there were plenty of both today from a few of the boys, who either fell, was accidentally hit by another or who could not score/save a goal). At any rate, I hope that Josh continues to be the sportsman that he was today --competitive without being aggressive, graceful in winning and losing.

4) My friend lent me her New Moon book and I can now get engrossed once more in Bella's world. Thanks, SN!

5) After an unusual traffic jam on the way home (which didn't help my pounding headache at all!), we came home and Zoë greeted us with her cheery smile. She ran over to me and hugged me around the knees and went back to playing with her puzzle pieces.

Like I said, today's a good day.


Lindy said...

I loved the twilight series...enjoy that book!

I like your layout too!

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