30 March 2009

Heavenly Cakes

So, Zoë's birthday is just two weeks away.

And I have not done a single thing.

I can't make up my mind whether to have her birthday at the clubhouse or at the beach. I prefer the beach, but with the weather being so unpredictable lately...

I haven't done up any little invite, although I have done verbal save-the-date's to a few close friends.

I haven't finalized the menu because I can't decide on a venue. (Hmmm, I liked how that sounded. Say it with me a few more times!)

I haven't ordered the cake.

Ah, the cake. Now, if only the kids' godmother still lives here in Hong Kong, I won't be having this problem. Not only that, my kids will be the envy of all their little friends for having the most gorgeous, most delicious, most wonderfully creative cakes ever. Ever.

You don't believe me? Check this out. This is what the Cake Goddess did for my god-daughter's birthday.

And these cupcakes... (every single part is edible!)

And how about this lovely, lovely cake... *sigh* *double sigh!*

Okay enough, guys! Just help me and pray that this Cake Goddess comes back here to live and maybe you might be able to get her to make one for you, too. Unless you are the lucky few who live in Australia and just want her to stay put so you guys can have her all to yourselves!

Check out more of Jen's creations at A Little Slice of Heaven.


Lindy said...

WOW! Awesome pictures - I bet they tasted wonderful.

May I suggest evite.com - I did this for my daughters last birthday. Invitations and RSVP's and guest lists are all updated via their website and notifications are sent to you via email. And my daughter loved helping me pick out her "template." Good luck!

Jana said...

holy oh my goodness, she is amazing isnt she? wow! I am going to check out her blog and die a thousand deaths, I have never made a cake like the one on my blog before I have soooo much to learn! thanks for the great link!!

Jana said...

Man I couldnt leave her any comments...what a gooood friend to have!!! will you let her know she is amazing and that I almost cried and fell out of my chair =D thanks again!

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