26 March 2009

Helpers and MIL's

Over the last few days, one of the mommy forums that I frequent had somebody posting about her nasty experiences with her now-terminated helper. Today, another poster is running a poll on whether or not we are generally happy with our helper/s. (I'm happy to report that as I write, it's currently 78% yes and 22% no). Living in Hong Kong where household help is fairly commonplace, yet a novel experience for those who hail from places where live-in help is almost unheard of, it is not altogether uncommon that sometimes topics of conversations at coffee get-togethers revolve around helpers and more often than not, the aggro they bring. One hears more about the negative experiences somehow and it is not that often that happy employers speak up.

Just last night, I was reading one of my favorite mommy bloggers, the Pioneer Woman, and she asked a very simple question: "Do you get along with your in-laws?" The comments (over 600 of them!) that followed her post made for a very, very interesting read. There were plenty who shared their unpleasant experiences with their in-laws and there were a number, too, who were lucky enough to have really great relationships with their in-laws.

I am beginning to think helpers are like MIL's --whether or not you get a good one is down to the luck of the draw, really. And I've been very lucky on both counts.

Uh oh. I hope I haven't jinxed it by writing it down.


Lindy said...

Ughhh...MIL's - nough said.

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