05 March 2009

Swim, Swim!

Zoë had her first formal swimming lesson today. I'd wanted to sign her up since she was four months old, but at the time, Harry Wright only did lessons at the West Island School in Pokfulam, which is way too far for me. I kept asking Teacher Bev if they would be opening any Baby Class at the SCAA and --hurray! --now they have!

There were only four babies in the class today and Zoë's the "oldest" baby at 22 months. The others were four-, six-, and 10-month old babies.

It was really fun. It's kinda like a playgroup, except we're in the water. We sang songs and led the babies through "activities." We, mommies, got a good workout, too, from lifting and carrying the babies. We were taught how to hold the babies a certain way and be able to help them kick their feet, move their hands, etc. The little ones got to "jump" into the pool, swish from side to side, blow bubbles (Zoë's favorite!), swim through a hula hoop, bounce up and down, lie on their backs. We sang Ring Around a Rosy, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... The idea was to get them all comfortable about being in the water and slowly introduce them to the arm movements and kicking.

The babies all seemed to enjoy it. I know Zoë did; she kicked up a fuss when we left the pool today. I enjoyed it very much, too and we're definitely looking forward to next week's session.


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