14 March 2009

Think, Think, Think

I am so enjoying Zoë's growing vocabulary and blossoming conversational skills.

Just the other day, she climbed onto our bed, bringing Monkey with her. Normally, Monkey comes with a banana, which Zoë would stuff into the pocket on Monkey's overalls. We didn't see the banana, so the following conversation ensued:

Me: Where's Monkey's banana, Zoë?
Zoë: Uhm, uhm. Lost!
Me: Uh oh. It got lost, eh?
Zoë: Yeah. *Grin*
Me: Where did you put it?
Zoë: Forget. *Another grin*
Me: Oh no. What do we do? Monkey will want his banana.

Zoë tapped her finger to her forehead and said, "Think, think, think. Where 'nana go?" She got off the bed in search of the missing banana.

If you (or your kids, I mean) watch Super Sleuths, a Winnie-the-Pooh show on Playhouse Disney, you'll know where she got this from.

(Yes, I do let them watch a little TV. *Sigh*)


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