01 March 2009

Wow, Mommy

It's general knowledge that kids "tell it like it is." You can count on them to literally point out the ugly truth about somebody's unsightly mole. If you know you are fat, you don't ever ask a child if he thinks you are, because chances are that he'll agree. That said, although children can be quite blunt with their observations, this same bluntness sometimes grants us some very welcome ego-boosting lifts, when we least expect them.

I was getting dressed to go out to the mall when Zoë walked in. She took one look at what I was wearing (jeans and a mauve crinkly blouse) and gushed, "Wow, Mommy! Pretty." She then came up and felt the material of my blouse and said, "Nice." Stamp of approval from a 22-month old.

Thanks, Zoë. :)


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