01 April 2009

A Blast from the Past

Remember this guy?  I had a serious crush on him.  I had his poster up on my ceiling in my old bedroom so that I could wake up in the morning and his face would be the first thing I'd see. He was my first "ideal" of a decent, wonderful guy that I was sure my parents would approve of.  Kind of your boy-next-door, someone-you-grew-up-with-and-knows-and-loves-you-in-spite-of-yourself kind of guy.

But this was aeons ago.  I'd moved on since.  To hunkier and more mature actors and other decent, wonderful real-life guys, one of whom agreed to take me as his wife. And I never looked back.

Until I received an envelope the other day. I was expecting that particular piece of mail, but totally not expecting what fell out of the envelope when I opened it.  A stack of Ralph Macchio photos.  I shrieked in surprise and I had to laugh at the quirky humor of a friend who remembers (Thanks, JW!).

I usually pass along to my nieces stuff that I'd outgrown --writing papers, books --but I don't think I can pass along these photos.  I would rather these vintage photos pass into the hands of somebody who could truly appreciate them.  My nieces, these young-uns, will more than likely not even know who Ralph Macchio is, which I find rather sad.  He might not be as "perennial" as Tom Cruise (who was also in The Outsiders), but I'd take Ralph over Tom any day, thank you very much. 

Let me know if anyone wants the photos and I will gladly mail them to you wherever you are in the world; you just have to tell me one reason why you would want them.  In the meantime, I'll keep them safe and I might flip through them sometime. And I know I'll smile when I do that.  


Lindy said...

hahah....he had me when he caught the fly. :)

Have to admit, though was a bigger fan of NKOTB - how sad, right?

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