14 April 2009


We had some cake leftover from Zoë's "pre-birthday" party yesterday and the two tikesters decided to attack the remaining pieces. Grubby little hands dug into the container, making frosting squish between the fingers, digging for the pieces of fruits in between the layers of cakes...

I decided to just let them be. One of those
occasions when I sigh and just let them "be kids"...

This is the aftermath.

Okay, a bit wasteful, but the cake didn't look so appetizing anymore... We do have another cake for her "real" birthday today. More on that later. :)


Lindy said...

This gives me stress just looking at it!

Buckeroomama said...

I was stressed out enough getting the party together. I just didn't have any "stress" to spare when they decided to that.

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