07 April 2009

City Fun

Living in Hong Kong, our tikesters don't get much of a chance to commune with nature. (Last Saturday's trip to the organic farm was more an exception than the norm.) It's mostly the marbled floors of shopping malls that are my kids' stomping ground. See these photos below:

This is Zoë playing hopscotch on a pattern of little lights on the floor of the walkway connecting Pacific Place 3 to the main Pacific Place building.

Here is one of Zoë and her friend, Nathan, playing their version of hide-and-seek, which is basically just both of them covering their eyes and counting and shouting out, "Not, I come!" and then they both run.

I wish I'm good at PhotoShop. I could then edit and change the backgrounds of these photos to show, for the first two photos, a sidewalk with a chalk-drawn hopscotch grid; with little tufts of grass boldly peeking through the cracks on the sidewalk. In the second photo, I would love to see in place of those huge potted (fake) topiary a huge oak with generous shade; the marble floor, the green grass of a park.

Don't get me wrong. I love Hong Kong and I think that raising our children here definitely has its pluses. But like everything else, there are trade-offs.


Lindy said...

Those are some nice looking fake plants!

My daughter doesn't like to touch the red on the ground at Target that makes up...the target. I have to carry her over it each time!

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