09 April 2009

Double Rainbow

If you ask Josh about his favorite color, he'd tell you it's rainbow.

Yet, he'd never seen a real rainbow before... until last summer, when we were visiting with my in-laws in Canada. I can't remember what we were talking about when Josh said wistfully, "I've never seen a rainbow before." 

As if the heavens suddenly decided to bestow a little bit of magic on a 3-year old boy who doesn't mind writing the seven letters it takes to spell out his favorite color while his classmates got away with shorter words to write, we looked out the window and saw *gasp!* a rainbow... AND *double gasp!* another rainbow!

I don't recall ever seeing a rainbow with colors as vivid as the one that I saw then. The second rainbow was a bit more blurry, but there, nonetheless.

What a treat it was for Josh. His first sighting of a rainbow and a very rare double one at that. 


Anonymous said...

I'm still in search of my first raingbow capture of merit and here you got a two for one special! Great job!

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