08 April 2009

Easter Hat

We needed to make an Easter hat for Josh for the Easter Parade at his school this week. I'd totally forgotten about it until Josh reminded me about it the night before.

Because I didn't want him wearing a girlie bonnet, I decided to make him a top hat instead. Initially the idea was to use shredded crepe paper and make a nest on top and glue eggs and little chicks to the nest. But first, we had to make the top hat. Good thing my parents are visiting. My mom is VERY good at arts and crafts and my dad helped with drawing the circles... without a compass. He made a makeshift compass with a pencil and a piece of string. I thought that was pretty cool.

The hat was more difficult to make than I'd bargained for... and it was taking too long, and I figured that getting Josh involved in making the hat would be more meaningful than us putting together everything for him.

Nest idea, out the window. I drew some eggs with PowerPoint instead, printed out a sheet, and assigned Josh the task of "decorating" the eggs. Zoë got her own sheet of eggs to color as well (but of course).

After the eggs were all "decorated" (including Zoë's), Josh set to cut out the eggs himself. I helped, to speed things along; it was way past his bedtime. I also cut out some Easter-themed pictures from the supermarket leaflet we got and glued them on.

The hat turned out a bit too big for Josh; it went down over his eyes! My mom, ever the resourceful person that she is, cut up some small styrofoam pieces and stuck them around the inside of the hat, just above the brim, and voila, problem solved.

Josh came home after the Easter parade and proudly announced that everybody said his hat was great and that he had the "bestest" hat of all!


Lindy said...

That's awesome that he had a good day at school without his buddy there!

The hat looks great!

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