04 April 2009

Gone Organic - Part 1

Because we so enjoyed picking blueberries last summer when we were in Canada, we leapt at the chance to go strawberry-picking here in Hong Kong. We were so surprised to learn that we could do that here --and at an organic farm at that.

It was a great thing to do with the kids on a nice, sunny day. Apart from picking strawberries, the kids got to dig for carrots, pick ears of corn, see/feel/taste different kinds of veggies. I wish I'd checked to see that the memory stick was in the camera before we left the house. Arrgh. Because I didn't, I don't have many photos to feature here ...

We got there around 10:30am and after parking the car, we did a 10-minute walk down a narrow concrete path that's lined on both sides with grass, rows of veggies, wild flowers, a little creek. Zoë and I brought up the rear because I constantly had to stop and wait for her. She would chase butterflies down the opposite direction and I had to carry her back down toward where Chris, Josh, and my parents were up ahead. After a few steps, Zoë would stop again to gaze wonderingly at the "fall" (her word for waterfall), which was actually water flowing out from a drain on the side of a small canal. Then she wanted to look for fish (where fish go, Mommy?). We did eventually make it to the registration tent, after I decided to carry her instead. We paid up, got the proper stickers stuck onto our shirts, grabbed our baskets, lined them up with plastic, and off we went to the strawberry fields.

It is actually almost the end of strawberry-picking season. Usually the season starts in November and lasts until March, but because the cold season started late, there were still strawberries to be picked, although not as many as there would have been earlier on in the year.

The lady who did the registration accompanied us to the strawberry field and showed us which ones were good for picking, explained how organic strawberries are different from the big red strawberries that we see in the supermarkets and offered some spiel about the benefits of going organic.

Josh, set loose, was on a mission. He is not really into strawberries, but he threw himself to the task of picking the biggest, the reddest strawberries. Zoë, on the other hand, little Miss Strawberry herself, had her little basket in hand, but no strawberry made it into her basket except for the ones I threw in. Whatever strawberries she got her little hands on ended in her mouth. Minutes after we started, she already had red stains down the front of her shirt and streaks of strawberry juice running down her arms; her mouth, cheeks, and hands were stained red and she looked like a clown.


Holly said...

looks like the kids had fun!

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