16 April 2009

Jellyfish and Pandas

We decided to go to Ocean Park on Tuesday and this time, we made sure that we got to ride the cable cars, visit the Atoll Reef, the Giant Pandas, and the Jellyfish Exhibit. Last time we were there, we got stuck at Kids' World, which is basically just a children's playground. By the time we could pry the kids loose from Kids' World, it was too late to go visit the other parts of Ocean Park. Thank goodness for annual passes.

First thing we did was to get to the cable cars. As we were waiting to get on, Josh told us that he wanted to be on the purple one. The next free one that arrived was a red one and we got on, but he made us promise that we would ride the purple one on the way down. It was Zo
ë's first ride on the cable car and she was ooh-ing and wow-ing; at one point, she said, "Dizzy. Really dizzy," but she was looking around and not a bit sick at all. I think she was just trying on the words for effect.

We made our way to the Jellyfish Exhibit first. It was really cool. See?

These are real, live jellyfish. The park had set up the aquarium with colored lights at the bottom which shine up, illuminating the jellyfish in shades of red, blue and green.

After that, we made our way to the Atoll Reef. They had gazillions of marine creatures swimming about in this gigantic tank. There were giant turtles, sharks, rays, and lots of very interesting fish. It was a bit crowded and it was hard to take good photos of the fish. There are also mini tanks which feature sea dragons, sea horses, corals, etc. Definitely a must-see, especially with kids.

We saved the pandas for last. Luckily when we were there, it was feeding time. That means we got to see the pandas awake, instead of them just lying there in a black-and-white lump. Lazy creatures. They're really adorable, though.

Before the pandas came out from an inner enclosure where they were being held while the attendants were arranging the bamboo, I asked Josh whether the pandas would come out running or if they would veerrrryyyy sloooowwwly make their way to the pile of bamboo, Josh said, "Umm, I think they will come out moderato." You can tell, he has watched too many episodes of The Little Einsteins!


Lindy said...

Wow - those jellyfish pics are amazing! I bet seeing them in person was incredible.

Jana said...

wow such a great blog...lots of wonderful Ideas thanks for sharing!! I clicked on you from pdubs site...your kids are just gorgeous...for real!

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