08 April 2009

Missing HH

Josh didn't want to go to school this morning. He was crying and he said that he just wanted to stay at home. This is so unlike him; this is a boy who would always tell me that he did "lots and lots of fun stuff" whenever I'd ask him what he did in school. Josh loves school. So, yes, we were a bit concerned about this sudden change of heart.

We sat him down and tried to find out why he didn't want to go. Had he been bullied, did something unpleasant happen at school... All he was able to tell us through his tears was that "My friends don't go to school anymore, so I don't want to go to school either."

We managed to convince him to get on the school bus, but he was clearly not a happy camper.

Later in the day, I called up his school and got to speak with Ms. A, his teacher, and told her about what happened earlier this morning. I asked if anything had changed this week or if there had been any special incident in school that could have triggered this reaction in Josh. I shared with her what Josh said. She mentioned that they do have a smaller class of late; with the Easter holidays coming up, some families have decided to take an early Easter break and have gone away on trips. When Ms. A mentioned that, it brought to mind the conversation I had with Josh last Friday.

Me: How was school today?
Josh: Good and bad.
Me: How come?
Josh: Good, because I did lots of fun stuff today. Bad because HH did not come to school today.

Apparently HH hasn't been in school at all this week either. Not only is HH Josh's best friend in school, he is also Josh's seatmate on the school bus. No wonder Josh didn't feel like going to school today.

Josh came home today from school and all's fine with the world again. He announced that Ms. A (bless her!) told him that his friends will be back, that HH will be back from Malaysia when school starts again after the Easter break. He now wants to make a drawing for HH, "something that HH might love." Life is good once more.


Lindy said...

poor thing....kudos to the teacher for taking the extra step and recognizing that he needed some reassurance!

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