19 April 2009

My Feisty Litterbug

I asked both Josh and Zoë to sit at their table and wait while I finish preparing their lunch. Because they were hungry and they knew what was coming, they literally ran to their table and sat down. There was a book lying on the table and Zoë just swept it off to the floor to clear out the space in front of her.

Before I could say anything, the following "conversation" took place:

Josh: You're a litterbug, Zo
ë: NO! (With a petulant glare at Josh).
Josh: Yes, you are.
ë: NO!
Josh: You're a litterbug, because you "littered" the book on the floor.
ë: No, KoKo 'bug!

At this point, I couldn't contain myself and just burst out laughing.

All the while, I was watching the two of them sitting there on opposite ends of their table, facing each other, like two debaters arguing a point.

Zoë might not know what a litterbug is, but she could sense that it was not a nice label and promptly fought back. I don't have to worry that she won't be able to hold her own. She's definitely a feisty one, our girl.


Mahmee said...

Love your blog. You children are lovely. That litterbug episode is a hoot.
Thanks for visiting us.

Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for following. I'm following your fab blog too.

kestrel said...

Children do not mince their words, just plain honesty and that's what makes them so adorable. Colours in your blog are great

Lindy said...

Yeh, lets hear it for a little girl power! woo hoo... :)

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