30 April 2009


I love naps.

Naps help keep me sane.

When the tikesters nap, I get at least a full hour of peace and uninterrupted time to do my stuff. When the kids have their nap, they wake up refreshed and cheery. If they miss their naps, I so dread the "witching hour," --usually around 5pm, --when they start getting cranky and incorrigible (and not in a cute way, either!).

When I get to nap, I feel that I am making up for all missed hours of sleep, caused by those late nights in front of my laptop. Naps help me be the mommy my tikesters deserve to have.



Lindy said...

Me and naps are BFF's.

I usually don't get them until the weekend but then I take FULL advantage. Normally on Sundays - I turn the Nascar race on and I'm out by lap 2. :)

Thanks for the award. I'm glad you like my blog.

Heather said...

I know exactly where you are coming from. I feel so lucky (with a lot of work on our part too) that our daughter is such a good sleeper and napper. At 14 months she still takes two naps about an hour and a half each! I think it's the only way my house stays clean and gives me that time to either nap myself or do some "me" stuff.

schnider_am said...

Oh I love naps too. I usually dont get naps around here but I do love when the kiddos naps. It is getting to the point around our house that its not everyday that both take naps since my 5 year old doest really nap anymore but somedays I make him go and relax in his bed so I can have some time.

meL said...

Hi! :)

Thanks for checking out my site :) the casserole is really easy and tasty too even the babies love it :)

Jennifer said...

Amen, sister! :-) Now, if I could only nap as much as my boy does...

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