23 April 2009

Not a Drawing

I asked Josh to go draw something. He was feeling a bit restless and I wanted to finish copying down a couple of recipes that I wanted to try this weekend. Minutes later, this was what he came back with...

Me: What a nice drawing, Josh. Such lovely colors.
Josh: It's not a drawing, Mom. It's a map!
Me: Who's this on your map (pointing to the "face").
Josh: (Exasperated sigh) That's an apple tree, Mom!

I asked him to tell me about each item in his drawing, so there wouldn't be any more confusion.

If your kids watch Playhouse Disney, you'll recognize some of these names...

The fun and pleasure is in getting him to explain his drawings, as much as seeing his creativity come to life. I never really know what he comes with sometimes.


Lindy said...

An island resort!?!?! That's just clever.

Veronica Lee said...

Josh is very creative. Love those drawings.

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Josh - you're amazing. What is it with kids named Josh anyway? (haha!)

Deb said...

Kids artwork is the best. There is so much color and creativity. It's even better with the descriptions. Thanks for sharing such a fun piece of art.

I'm following you from the MBC!

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