27 April 2009

Our Magic Baby Orange

We have a pot of mini-oranges by the window, leftover from Chinese New Year last year.

Just a bit of background... Here in Hong Kong, you will see pots and pots of these mini-orange plants being sold everywhere around Chinese New Year. Companies buy them and have pots of them around the building and offices. People buy smaller pots for their homes. In Cantonese, the little oranges are called "kam," which sounds like the word for "gold." It's considered good luck to have "kam" in your home (or office) to start the year.

I got the plant because the oranges were cute and I thought the tikesters would get a kick out of them. So, like I said, I got the pot last year and normally, people get rid of the plants when Chinese New Year is over or as soon as the oranges have rotted, fallen off, or when the plant had been picked bare by little grubby hands.

Last year, Josh and his friends had fun plucking the little oranges from the plant. Not to eat --because they taste really sour, --but just because it was fun. Somehow one kam managed to hang on and stay safe from their chubby little fingers. And hang on it did, month after month after month. This year's Chinese New Year rolled around and it was still there. Looking as plump as it did the year before, no sign of rotting. It's still here, as I write. We call that our Magic Baby Orange. New baby oranges had come out and our Magic Baby Orange stayed on, working with the other kams and adding to the pretty orange-green contrast. It shows no sign of rotting. We've checked. It's real. We're totally mystified.

Anyway... Josh decided to draw a picture of the plant. The big orange that you see on top is our Magic Baby Orange. Don't ask me where the leaves are.

The three green blobs are the new "babies." You'll see one of them in the photo below.

Let's see how many of these new baby oranges will last (assuming Zoë doesn't pluck them off).


The Mad Penguin said...

Subscribing to the superstitious belief, those oranges are luck then if it stayed fresh that long. :)

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

All the best with your magic tree! It seems like you're in for much fun and luck. I have a few fortune plant, too...
Have Fun!

Veronica Lee said...

You see a lot of them in Malaysia too, during the Chinese New Year. There are still a few surviving ones in my in-laws' house.
I'm giving you the buddy and zombie chicken awards. Grab them from my blog

Lindy said...

Interesting. I'm sure if I tried to do this mine would be gnat infested and surely dead. :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

I want one of these! But, with my black thumb, I would probably kill it. And then where would my luck be????

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