10 April 2009

A Present for Zoë... from Josh

Josh has been telling anyone who would listen that his sister's birthday is coming up; he'd even give the exact date.

Last week, he told us that he wanted to get some money out of his piggy bank and "buy a present for my sister." Out spilled all the coins, some Jumpin' Gym tokens, and the odd foreign change from Chris' business trips. We suggested that he should count how many he had and we would change the coins for him into paper money. He doesn't know the different denominations yet, but we handed him a HK$20 and a HK$10 bill. He promptly put the bills in his Kung Fu Panda wallet.

Off we went to the "baby store" downstairs. After barely a minute of browsing, he picked up some twistable crayons very similar to the set that he has and declared that he wanted to get those for Zoë. Maybe he was lucky or maybe he really knew that it was within his HK$30 budget. He brought it to the counter and told the shop owner that it's a present for his sister. He then whipped out his wallet, pulled out the bills, and handed them over.

I so wish that I had my camera with me then. My 4-year old was so "grown up" and he felt so proud that he was able to buy a present for his sister "with my own money."

This is one of those mommy moments that make me blink back tears at the utter preciousness of it all.


Lindy said...

How incredibly sweet! You're obviously raising a decent young man there.

Mad Penguin said...

I came to your blog from PW's (I think, not sure anymore...I'm bloghopping) and have been reading. I absolutely love you after reading so many entries! I scroll back through your entries before I call it quits otherwise I'd be sitting here all day. This is by far my favourite entry. Your son is so sweet! So un-selfish and loving at that age. =)

Will be back to read more. ;)

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