18 April 2009

A Third Child

Our good friend, AK, just had a baby --her third, --and we just came back from visiting her at the hospital. We were looking at her baby boy through the nursery window, marveling at his shock of glossy black hair, his smooth round cheeks, his overall newborn sweetness, when AK teased us that maybe next February, we might have another baby of our own.

A bit of background: AK is godmother to our two tikesters and we are godparents to her first two boys. Her second son has the same birthday as Josh; this third baby's birthday is just one day after Zo
ë's. Zoë's birthday is the same day as AK's dad's.

Her comment about us having another one by next February is something that we joked about before. That if we have another baby and if our baby will share the same birthday as her first son whose birthday falls in February, it would be so funny/weird.

Whether or not that's going to happen is open to speculation. Chris and I did discuss about having three kids. This was before we got married, before we had kids. After Josh, we knew that we definitely wanted another one. After Zoë, I had initially wanted to have another one. Now, I'm not so sure.

For one, I'm not getting any younger. I feel like we're almost "over the hump" with Zo
ë --i.e., she's 2 already and the more physically challenging months are behind us (not sleeping through the night, starting solids, constant diaper changes, learning to walk and talk, etc.). I'm not sure if we have it in us to go through the whole process again. Also, right now, it's one-on-one with two kids; with three, Chris and I will be outnumbered. Not only that, there will be other issues to consider: whether to move to a bigger place/where, whether to hire another helper, the kids' education, etc.

Right now, both Josh and Zo
ë are really starting to play together and have "conversations" and both Chris and I are enjoying them even more now that we don't have to worry about watching out for the "baby." Chris and I can sit back more and just watch them play. We can now have really fun activities where all of us are able to participate, without one of us constantly being on the sideline with the younger one because she's too young to join in the fun. When traveling with the tikesters, we've already worked out our preferred seating arrangements on long-haul flights. Pretty soon we might even be able to travel more without stressing out too much over little things that one stresses out over when traveling with very young children. Having another baby will mean adjustments. Adjustments that, at this point, I'm not too eager to make.

Am I over-rationalizing? We'd given away pretty much all my maternity clothes and baby paraphernalia. Tempting fate? Perhaps. We'll cross the bridge when if we get there.

But yeah, AK, it would be cool if we have another baby and the baby's birthday would be the same as X's.


bethany said...

So hard to know ... the ideas and the reality of raising kids :) So many factors, I don't think you're over analyzing it at all! Cool to have the shared birthdays too.

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