10 May 2009


LPC over at - Privilege has made me Queen. Queen of ALLL Things Awe-summm. Wow. (Thanks, LPC!) I should be the one giving her this award, but someone already beat me to it. LPC is "a 52-year old executive and mother, brought up in privilege." If I were to choose one word to describe her blog and how she writes: Eloquence. I love reading her posts. It's not just the topics, but mostly it's the way she writes. Oh so eloquently. Her blog is filled many things High WASP. Intrigued? Visit her site to find out more.

I'm supposed to
say seven things about myself that make me awe-summm and pass this award on to seven other bloggers.

Hmm. How to do this? To publish just seven items out of a list of 1,728 things that make me awesome
would not give an accurate picture of yours truly. To pass this award on to just seven other bloggers, when there are so many bloggers who I think are deserving of this award puts too much pressure on these fragile shoulders of mine. I will, instead, share this award with all the bloggers whom I think are awe-summm. Okay? Okay.


DawnS said...

Wow thank you so much!!! I love reading your blog (and comments) too! My husband wants to know if he has to call me Queen Of All Things Awesome now - I told him Awesome Queen would be just fine, because now I have the award to prove it :)

Seriously - I appreciate the award and hardly feel deserving!!!

Heather said...

Thank you for this...I just got done posting another award and will hopefully get around to doing this one before next year (I'm a huge procrastinator)can ya tell...I'm just now getting back to the comment about this award you left on my blog well over a week ago.

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