03 May 2009

Before Kids

We attended a wedding yesterday. Or to be more accurate, we attended a wedding banquet last night. We didn't make it to the wedding ceremony itself and had RSVP'ed for that, but we did promise that we would be there for the banquet.

It's the wedding of a good friend of ours, someone that Chris and I used to hang out with. Pre-kids. We met and caught up with other friends who were also there at the wedding. Friends that we used to regularly hang out with. Pre-kids.

It's funny how much having children has defined our lives. Chris and I categorize chapters as "before kids" or "after kids."

Before kids --
  • We rock-climbed. (That's how we met. *Smiles*)
  • We would go diving. My last dive was shortly before I was pregnant with Josh. At least Chris still gets to dive now. Once in a while. Not as often as he'd like to, I'm sure.
  • Meeting up with friends took no more than confirming the time and place and we would be there.
  • We'd watch movies at the cinema. Now we rent DVDs, and even then, very rarely.
  • Our place didn't have as much clutter.
  • We only had a part-time helper who'd come to help clean our place once a week.
  • We never considered the merits of disposable diapers vs. reusable ones.
  • Going places was simply getting out and going. We never had to consider whether where we'd be going to would be stroller-friendly or if had a child-friendly menu.
  • We didn't have to think twice about going somewhere for a holiday, beyond whether or not we could get our holiday leave approved at work and/or manage to get tickets/accommodations sorted out.
The list goes on... and on.

Yes, I do miss those days. But I wouldn't trade our two tikesters for anything.

I'm sure that I'll get to dive again. If I'll still be able to zip up my wet suit.


Erica said...

Great list so true. I vaguely remember what the inside of a movie theatre looks like :)



pam said...

Life does change so much once you have kids! When you are pregnant you think it won't change that much, and then................

schnider_am said...

Everything changes so much when you have children. Your life revolves around them.
We lead a very busy life so the boys really have been on the go since they were born.
They each had their schedule for about 3 mnths of life then they got on our schedule of going out and going to sports games.

Helene said...

Oh my list looks about the same as yours (with exception to the rock climbing!!). Sometimes I miss those days too but then I think about how different my life would be if I didn't have my kiddos...I think I'd miss them more, just like you mentioned!

Lindy said...

My list mirrors yours - you know, except for all that physical stuff (climbing, diving).....I didn't have the energy before kids and I sure don't have it now!

You are brave for even using "wet suit" in a sentence.

Stephanie Stearns Dulli said...

So true. The list goes on and on and on huh?

a Tonggu Momma said...

I thought we'd fit the Tongginator into our activities. BwwwaaaaHaHaHaHa! What was I smoking?

Kelly said...

At least you can remember life before kids. I became a mom at a young age so I don't know know what I'm missing out on. I can imagine though

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