16 May 2009

Birthday Card

I think that from now on, I'm going to make Josh do all his cards - birthday cards, Christmas cards, thank you cards, etc.

Having him print his own name on store-bought cards adds a bit of a personal touch, but nothing says "You matter" more than a carefully designed, handwritten card with illustrations done up by the sender himself. It doesn't really matter all that much if your child is not a budding Picasso. It's the effort and the heart that he has put into making the card that makes all the difference. The best thing about this, too, is that your child gets a sense of pride at completing something that is worthy of being 'gifted' to another.

Here is a card that Josh did for Bailey, whose birthday party we attended today.

Back cover / Front cover

Back cover: Bailey is at a soccer field. She's the goalie and she just saved a goal by stopping the ball with her foot. That's her scooter in the foreground.

I particularly love this drawing. Bailey's one of his classmates at Socatots and one of the things that they learned in the class is to stop the ball with their feet. Doesn't she look like she is doing just that in the drawing? Check out the little squares in the net, too! I don't think I could draw this well when I was 4! Psst, I still can't draw.

Front cover: Bailey picking flowers. He wanted to show Bailey doing that because "Bailey loves flowers."

The inside of the card

I had to cover up a little mistake on the right page, because Josh insisted that he didn't want to make another card. Everything else on the card is totally his (except for the additional names I put in under his and Zoë's.)

Josh is into making block letters lately... and lots of exclamation points!!!

He tells me what he wants to write and I spell out the words for him. In the short note above, he could spell out his own name, Zoë's and also "happy." *Proud mama*

I'd love to receive one of these cards myself! Wouldn't you?


Leslie said...

That is really good that kid has talent!!!

Veronica Lee said...

Great job, Josh!!!

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Great job, Josh. Your Josh and my Josh are sooo similar!
My kids "hand-make" all the cards they give me - bday, mother's day, christmas, chanukkah, everyday card...It's just more precious that way!
I keep those cards and recycle the Hallmark ones..

Ann On and On... said...

So much better than store bought!!! I love your idea...

Welcome to the wonderful world of SITS! We are glad you joined the fun.

Come on over and check out my super yummy giveaway... It's always fun to have visitors.

Rhea said...

Totally awesome card! I really love my children's artwork. We take the best stuff and have it framed to put up in our den.

I'm with the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been with it since the beginning, and it's been an amazing community of female bloggers. I've met some incredible women and read so many fun blogs. Glad to have you on board, SITSta!

Joanne Choi said...

Josh is super talented making super cute cards!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I love that idea! It is a very special card and to know that he put his touch to it makes it even better!

Go Josh!!

Mahmee said...

Fabulous card....I smell a business opportunity here.
Thanks for the anniversary wishes. We had a good time.
Hope you had a swell weekend.

Lindy said...

Although it can be tedious at times, I have my daughter do this too.

And you're right - they love giving their masterpieces away.

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