25 May 2009

A Button for a Blogger Buddy

Joanne over at Week of Menus has kindly allowed me to make her a blog button. Joanne and I know each other from way back... but we've never met! She is the one that I have to thank for getting me started on the Baby Signs® Program. We "met" at one of those online mommy forums and together with another mommy (JRC) have started trading parenting tips, even way past when we no longer are regular visitors of that mommy forum.

Go visit Joanne's blog and be prepared to be overwhelmed by the wide array of delicious treats that you will find there...mouth-watering dishes, really yummy baked goods, beautiful fruit mosaics. Go on, go!


Joanne Choi said...

THANKS Buckeroo! It's such a wonderful gesture! And thanks for the plug! I'll try and live up to your kind words!

Leslie said...

YUMMM better check her site out!

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