05 May 2009


I just finished organizing the books in the kids' bedroom. I feel good, cleansed.

Now on to tackle their books that are stashed in our bedroom and the ones that have been left out in the living room. I need more book bins. I got some really good ones from Lakeshore Learning, but I cannot wait another month and a half for the next order to arrive, so I'm going to head out to IKEA today to see if I can find something similar (and most likely cheaper).

I also cleared out my collection of VHS tapes. Yes, VHS, my dear folks. And we don't even have a VHS player. I've been hanging on to my collection of Katharine Hepburn movies, some of which are still unopened, in their plastic packaging I have not even watched and now I have to pack them up and donate them to the YWCA, along with some books. All in the name of de-cluttering.

Next on my list are my 'Media' and 'Advertising' junk. It is highly unlikely that I will go back to that industry and even if I do, trends and practices would be very different by then, I'd think. There. That pile of junk from my past life would clear up an entire cabinet.

Some of the tikesters' books --the baby ones. I'll have to pack those up to give away as well. To make room for new books.

I hate sorting through junk and I usually put it off for as long as I could. But once I start, I'm in a frenzy. I do get easily distracted, though, as evidenced by my taking time out to write this post. *Rolls eyes* Which is why this de-cluttering project might take me a whole week to finish, by which time new junk would have piled up somewhere else. My life. In a nutshell.

What are your de-cluttering secrets?


Sherry said...

De-cluttering is so NEVER-ENDING! :O

Heather said...

I so rarely de-clutter but when I do I always feel so good after! It's also easy to get distracted during an unpleasant chore like that!

Mon said...

It feels soooooo godd doesn't it?

I de-clutter constantly.

Kelly said...

I wish I had some de-cluttering suggestions. Instead we're just moving to a bigger house. I hope that solves our problem

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