31 May 2009

A Good Brother

Josh attended a classmate's birthday party yesterday and we got permission to bring Zoë along as well. She was over moon. Pardy, pardy! She absolutely loves it whenever she gets to do stuff with Josh.

As soon as we got to Josh's school, she immediately made her way to The Village (the play area and where the party was being held), took off her shoes without being told, ran through the gate, and just got into the thick of things. Up the mini rock-climbing wall, up and down the slide, swinging from the parallel bars, bouncing on the trampoline... she was into everything. She's been to Josh's school before and more or less knows her way around, but I was thinking that she might be shy around the older kids and might hold back a little. No such thing.

When it was time to play Duck, Duck, Goose, she got right in there as well and sat down next to Josh. Zoë would stand up and run around every time the Picker tags someone Goose. It was so sweet to see Josh patiently telling Zoë to sit down and wait until somebody tags her. 

Of course, all the older kids would tag their friends and pretty much ignore "the babies" (Zoë and the little sister of one of Josh's classmates). When it was Josh's turn, he went around tapping each of his classmates on the head, saying Duck. When he got to Zoë, he tagged her Goose, so she got her legit turn to run around and chase him, which also earned her the next turn to be the picker and tag somebody Goose

I mentioned to Chris when we came home how Zoe played Duck, Duck, Goose together with Josh and his classmates. Before I could even mention how good Josh was to look out for his sister -- 

Josh: ..and I let Zoë be my Goose! Me: Yeah, you are such a good brother, Josh.
Josh: I know, Mommy. You don't have to tell me!


LPC said...

OMG. A toddler on a climbing wall. Stick a fork in me:).

Leslie said...

awwwwwwwww they are tooooooooo cute!!!

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Rock climbing looks easy until you actually tried it...My kids did it over the weekend, too - and boy it was scary tough!
YOur kids are just totally adorable - big hugs!

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