17 May 2009

Long Overdue Thanks

...goes to Veronica from Of Mice & RaMen and to Heather at Living the Good Life in Bklyn for this sweet award. Two wonderful blogger buddies.

Do drop by and check out their blogs.

Veronica's blog features a collection of the most interesting and most amazing photos --body art, X-ray art, leaf art, funny photos, book art, cute animal photos, etc. Visit and be wowed.

Heather's blog talks of life with her Little Miss and also features a JibJab video of her muy macho husband prancing around in a hot pink leotard doing rhythmic gymnastics. Sorry, Heather, but that just had to be mentioned. I was laughing so hard! Please say that I'm still your blogger buddy.

I'm sure there are award rules. But this award has been passed around a few times that some of the rules have been either dropped or modified to suit the giver and/or the recipient --as evidenced by the two different sets of 'rules' from both Heather and Veronica. So, in keeping with not adhering completely to the rules (and because there is a tiny bit of a rebel in me), I am going to say thank you, gracias, xie xie, salamat, merci, danke, grazie... and then reserve the right to pass it along whenever the mood strikes me. Over and out.


Veronica Lee said...

Thanks. You rock, my dear blogger buddy.

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