24 May 2009

Making Up

Zoë knows just how to push Josh's buttons. She would grab his things, knock down stuff that he has "worked so hard" to build, draw on his paper even when she has her own, go after something that Josh has announced that he wants. Then she runs away, giggling. Expecting Josh to chase after her. Giggling some more. For the most part, Josh lets Zoë get away with it. He has a very gentle and easygoing nature. He usually just verbally expresses his frustration and moves along.

Sometimes it's just a game where Zo
ë wants to have the upper hand and be the one to say, "Here you go, KoKo" and hands back what she grabbed from him. Sometimes, though, enough is enough and Josh gets really upset. He would try to grab back what Zoë has taken and a tug-of-war would ensue.

Today, Zo
ë made Josh so upset that he cried. He went to his room, locked the door, and sat in the Quiet Corner. When I finally convinced him to unlock the door, he was still crying. Zoë immediately went in and sat down next to him, leaned in close, and said, "No more crying, KoKo, okay? No more crying." Josh cried harder. He always does, when someone is being kind to him when he is crying. He told Zoë, "I can't stop crying. It's tough for me to stop." Zoë then gave him a kiss, another kiss, and hugged him and said sorry. Then Zoë lifted her shirt and pointed to her tummy and said something about eggs in her tummy, which Josh suddenly found hilarious and laughed. And then they came outside and played together again.

Side note: I've modified my blog header. What do you think? It took me the whole afternoon, just tweaking and reworking. I never thought it could take up so much time to do up a simple header! I've done up a button, too. Just haven't figured out how to work the code so that I can put it on my sidebar.


Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Sweet kids , great mom!

Love the new header (I can't mess around with mine because it takes hours and hours..- good-luck!)

Glad I surprised you with INGAT!
Have a great week!

Lisa M said...

Love the new header :)

Awe, Zoe sounds like she can be super sweet to her brother, when she wants to.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sorry it took so long for me to return the comment love :)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

She knows just how to make her brother feel better. I like how she changed the subject to eggs in her tummy. How sweet is that?

Sherry said...

The header looks great. :)

Leslie said...

Love the new header!

Josh sounds alot like my son brad and ZOe is my daughter ashley!!! lol


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