26 May 2009

Top Ten Tuesday - Looking Ahead

I don't know what the future holds. I can only hope. I hope that Chris and I would have raised both Josh and Zoë well, that they grow up to be individuals comfortable in their own skin, happy at where they are at any particular point in their lives, at peace with whatever decisions that they make, and ready to take on anything life throws their way. All these, I hope and pray.

What I do know, though, are the things that I will miss when I look back at "now" --years down the line, as Josh and Zo
ë grow. These are the things that I would look back on years from now and say to Chris, "Remember when..." The Top 10 things on that list:

  1. The sweet baby smell. And Josh and Zoë actually letting me hold and hug them hard just so I could sniff them.
  2. Believing that Mommy can kiss away boo-boos.
  3. Thinking that Mommy and Daddy know everything.
  4. Josh and Zoë climbing onto our bed at 6am and snuggling next to us (if we're lucky!) or them cheerily calling out, "Read book, read book!"
  5. Playing hide-and-seek, when they think that just because they don't see us that we don't see them either.
  6. Unexpected phone calls in the middle of the day telling us, "Where are you? Come home now." We'll probably be the ones making these calls when they're teenagers.
  7. Those cute little stick drawings.
  8. Their little performances, put on just for our benefit. Followed by a demanding "Clap hands, Mommy!"
  9. Chubby little hands that hold on to mine. Chubby little baby hands that try to manipulate crayons, puzzle pieces.
  10. Swinging Josh and Zoë as they walk between us and hearing their squeals of delight.
There are so many more. Notice I didn't mention about the kisses and the hugs? With any luck, they should still be there even when Josh and Zoë are in their 20's and we're in our 50's. I can only hope.

Top 10 Tuesday meme by Jennifer at It's a Beauty Filled Life.


Jennifer said...

What a sweet list! It's hard to believe that there'll actually be a moment in time when they won't be little babies anymore, but teens - or ADULTS! It's just crazy how fast the days are whizzing by.

I'm so happy you played this week! Have a great Tuesday!

Lindy said...

If it's possible, I'm more of a baby now than ever before with my own Mom. I hope my daughter grows to be my best friend.

Heather said...

So sweet! Growing up is so much harder on the parents who have to slowly but surely let go and watch them grow into their own person completely separate from us...and eventually watching them go their own way and make their own life. I get sad just thinking about it now.

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