29 June 2009

Award and Tag

Angela, over at Mom's Fortress of Solitude, has gifted me with the Humane Award. Thanks, Angela!

"The Humane Award honors certain bloggers that I feel are kindhearted individuals. They regularly take part in my blog and always leave the sweetest comments. If it wasn’t for them, my site would just be an ordinary blog.
Their blogs are also amazing and are tastefully done on a daily basis. I thank them and look forward to our growing friendships through the blog world.

Link back to the person who gifted you with the award and share the love with other bloggers.”

I'd love to share this award with the following blog buddies:

Gotta Love Mom

How to Survive Life in the Suburbs

Of Mice and RaMen

JAM's Own Reality

My Life in Photos

Flying Giggles and Lollipops

A Pocket Full of Buttons

A Nut in a Nutshell

Do drop by and say hello!
I've been tagged by Melissa over at Sweet Serendipity. The rules:

1. Respond and rework; answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention, add one more question of your own.

2. Tag other people.

What is your current obsession?

What are you wearing today?
Navy cotton shorts and a white tank

What’s for dinner?
Chicken curry and potatoes
What’s the last thing you bought?
Some hair clips for Zoë

What's your favorite food to order when eating out?

Tuna tartare on a bed of sticky Japanese rice, with scallions, ginger, and salmon caviar

What are you listening to right now?
Blessed silence (the children are asleep!)

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
Bali, back to the Ritz (now Bvlgari) and indulge in one of their signature spa treatments

Which language do you want to learn?
I would love to continue to learn French (Made it to Level 8, but stopped because I didn't have the time).

What do you love most about where you currently live?
Its exciting East-Meets-West flavor.

What style is your current home decorated in?
Fingerprints, ballpen scribbles, (finger)paint smudges, dents, and nicks

If you were a time traveler what era would you live in?
Loved the 80's; wouldn't mind reliving them. {Horrors!}

What is your favorite color?
I generally like certain shades of green (not necessarily for clothes, though).

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?
A white cotton blouse with 3/4 sleeves --perfect for summer. Not too casual, not overly dressy.

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was sharing a flat with two flight attendants. I was working VERY long hours. Got wined and dined by TIME, Newsweek, CNN, Discovery, Business Week, The Economist, etc. Ahh, the days of unlimited advertising budgets.

Describe your personal style?
Depends on my mood.

If you had $300 now, what would you spend it on?
A nice spa treatment.

What are you going to do after this?
Draft a letter to a social worker about the benefits of using sign language, especially in inter-racial adoptions.

What are your favourite films?
The Shawshank Redemption, When Harry Met Sally

Your favourite books?
To Kill a Mockingbird, A Boy's Life (R. McGammon)
, books by Peter Mayle

Do you collect anything?
Not anymore.

What makes you follow a blog?
The posts and/or the photos - interesting, thought-provoking, humorous, witty.

What was the most enjoyable thing you did today?
Played soccer and ran around with the kids

What makes you comment on a blog?
Interesting content

What is your favorite thing to do when you have some free time?
Blog / edit photos

Homeschooling -- If you could would you? Do you agree with homeschooling?
Yes and no. Would love to, but I don't think I have the patience for it.

If you owned your own business, what would you sell/provide?
I conduct Baby Signs® classes and workshops.

My question: Who or what would you like to be in your next life?

Consider yourselves tagged if you want to play along!


Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! I will definitely get started on this as soon as I get back from vacation!

Vodka Mom said...

I LOVE the Shawshank Redemption.

My next life? I'm trying to make it through this one!!!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...


f you had $300 now, what would you spend it on?
A nice spa treatment.

oh yes!! a thousand times yes! brilliant idea


Lindy said...

ah-ha...i love that your home's decor is currently based in the ballpoint pen era....clever!

Tess said...

Love the spa comment-I would too!

Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for the award. You really and truly rock!!

BTW, I can't access your blogger profile. It says "Blogger Profile Not Available".

DawnS said...

Loved reading your answers to the tag! Good thing you are not closer, I might invite myself for dinner lol!!

I'd love to know how you made your awards flash like that over in your side bar :)

Yelena R. said...

Thank you, you are so sweet :)

Leslie said...

awww that was fun! i love Shawshank too!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Thank you sweetie for the award. I love your favorite dinning out food "Tuna tartare on a bed of sticky Japanese rice..." I think anything on sticky rice is yummy :)

A Joyful Chaos said...

I enjoyed checking out the blogs you presented the award too and now have several more to read daily.

blueviolet said...

I am so touched that you included me as you haven't known me for too long. Thank you so very much!!! This is a lovely award.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

New awards are always fun to see. Thanks for thinking of me. I know a few of the other recipients and I can tell I'm in good company! Off to check out the others...

ModernMom said...

Ah thanks so much! I will work on geting this little beauty up soon!

I love your answers to these. We live worlds apart and have so much in common. For one...I never taught baby sign language but did use it with both of my girls. Loved that they could communicate their needs with me before they could talk.
Off to check out some of the other blogs!

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